Small Bunny We Saw On Our Walk

Temperature in the seventies with no real humidity here in late June. One can’t ask for a nicer day. We at supper then went for our evening walk. The temperature was very close to perfect and the sun felt warm.

Along the way during a our walk we heard all of the typical birds singing. There seem to be lots of them this summer. Me being the nature and animal lover that I am I just love hearing them.

Back on the one street we saw a baby bunny at the edge of someone’s yard. It looked like it was pretty small and young. It just hid slightly under some bushes but as you can see from the picture it wasn’t hidden very well.

Here is a photo of a of a small bunny  we saw while out for a walk.

Small Bunnies We Saw While Out Walking

Here is a picture of a small rabbit we saw while out on our evening walk through the neighborhood.

Life is short and you have to enjoy the free positive things and I will try to share them here.