Pretty Cool Sidewalk Art

Once in while we notice something different while out for a walk and today was one of those days. We were out for our almost daily walk today and had to stop by the borough office to drop something in the box so we were out on Main Street instead of our usual quieter neighborhood streets. We came across some this cool sidewalk chalk drawing right near there.

Here is a picture of a bit of sidewalk art someone drew

Pretty Cool Sidewalk Art

Here is a photo some pretty cool sidewalk art we saw while out fora walk

The only reason I bring my phone out for our walks during our time is to take pictures of odd little things like this that we see. Otherwise I just totally tune it out. Today was one of those days we saw something I wanted a picture of.

The drawing was pretty neat I thought. I assume it was drawn for the car show or what ever it was that was going on last Saturday that had Main Street blocked off. It’s just cool to see little things like this while out and about.

I don’t condone graffiti but there used to be some really cool graffiti growing up near Philly and of course even more along the El taking it into to visit Wills Eye hospital when I was a kid. Some of the people that did the graffiti back then were really talented artist. I hope at least some them them learned to make use of that talent in positive ways rather than defacing other’s property.