Pointless Use Of Flash

A few minutes ago I looked up a local pizza shop’s website to see if they deliver. What a train wreck that site is! First things first it’s flash only. Their is a little animation.. Basically the shops name moves up on the screen then a graphic shows up. I only turned flash on to see how poorly done the site was.

The text is small and it’s only got a menu for the types of food. The text for the menu is smallish green text on a whitish back-round with the back-round image blended into that. Pretty poor contrast IMO. I need to use a magnifier to see it.

When you click on something it again animates with tiny next on a green back-round for the foods in that category. This text I struggle to read with a magnifier. Guess who won’t be getting my business.

It’s really disappointing to see this type of crappy website still around. Especially for a small business where every customer might count and they are making it harder on them.

Sadly the site designer of course has a link to his site at the bottom. If I were them I’d delete that link out of embarrassment.