It's Hotter Than Hell Today But I still Did Okay In The Garage

Today It’s hotter than Hell. It was about 90 outside when I went out into the garage gym to do my lifts. I turned on the air conditioner a little while before I went out and even though it didn’t cool it off that much it took the edge off of the heat and reduced the humidity a bit.

I think our low last night was only 74 according to our cheap ass thermometer. I should get another weather station sometime before winter. The humidity has been in full fuck you mode the past few days. I have been feeling like I can’t cool or or drink enough water no matter how hard I try. That’s not to say using the air conditioner in the bedroom isn’t helping but that’s the only time I’ve been getting any relief from the heat. I don’t understand how anyone can like this weather.

I began the day’s lifts with some light front squats at 190 pound today. They felt great, even better than Monday’s. It’s definitely safe to say now that what ever little thing I had going on with my ankle was it wasn’t a big deal as it feels perfectly normal now. I got through the front squats easily and worked pretty fast at them. I wound up adding in two extra sets again since they felt so good for a total of five sets of five at the 190 pounds. Front squats are one of my favorite lifts.

Bench press was up next and these were feeling a little tougher than they should have felt. I did three sets of five at 170 pounds. During these it felt like I was favoring one side more than the other. I got through the sets with a fairly short rest period but I just felt a little off with them. No big deal as it’s really not one of my favorite lifts anyways or one that I am really comfortable with.

Finally for my strength this morning I did my good mornings for three sets of ten at 115 pounds. These felt really good today and fairly light compared to last time I did them last week. Last week when I performed my good mornings I remember I was having an issue being slightly off center while unracking the bar. Today I didn’t have that problem. Once in a while our Monster lite rack migrates a little bit since it’s not bolted to the floor but that’s how we wanted it and why we got the one with feet on it.

By the time I was finished up in the gym I was just pouring sweat.

Music for the lifting was Celtic Frost Creation.

We had another branch break off from the tree. Big enough to hurt someone potentially but not nearly as big as the last one. That’s t he third one in a month or so, all on fairly benign days. The tree can’t be gone soon enough.

Later on when Molly got home we ended up not doing our bro session today. I was just way to hot. We went to Little Dippers for ice cream though and while that cooled me off a bit I still didn’t want to do the longer bro shit.

I did do today’s WOD which I was pleased with. 100 sandbag step ups with 8 sandbag presses every minute on the minute went surprisingly well for me.

While the weighted step ups are a real challenge for me it’s neither the weight nor the step ups that are tough for me. It’s the spacial awareness especially stepping back off the box. As I get tired I tend to step further back further because in the past my heels of caught the box early on in Crossfit doing non weighted step ups. I did it though.

I completed the WOD in just under the goal time even with my slower(er) and steady approach to the step ups. My real goal for today was to complete the WOD without putting the sandbag down at all and I did it.