I Could Really Eat Some Potato Chips With Cream Cheese Right Now

Ever since I was a baby.. or at least a toddler and could eat that sort of thing loved potato chips with cream cheese. The first time Molly tried it she didn’t really like like it. She likes chips with that dip bullshit. That’s when I learned chips with cream cheese is apparently a Philly thing? I’ve tried chips with the dip and I didn’t care for it myself, maybe it’s because the flavor didn’t meet my expectations. I either eat chips plain or with cream cheese.

I don’t get it that often because when I do I eat them until the chips or cream cheese are gone. When I do that I don’t even regret it. I just see it as the inevitable occurring.

It’s not hard to do. It’s as simple as taking a potato chip and putting plain cream cheese on it then eating it. Nothing more and nothing less.