Got To Ride In A Helicopter

Something that I have always really wanted to do do was fly. I always wanted to ride in an airplane and to this day haven’t I also wanted to ride in a hot air balloon and that hasn’t happened yet. I had never thought about riding in a helicopter, I don’t know why but that thought just never occurred to me.

Until Today I never thought of riding in a helicopter. We went to a park for one of the grand kids' soccer games but we saw a helicopter parked there and got the impression that you could pay for rides so we asked. They told us the price so we went to get cash to pay for it and of course we had to go home to get the camera.

It was just a short ride but worth every penny for the experience. I have always wanted to fly but until this day it just hadn’t happened. Life is so short and we miss so many opportunities to do things that we may not have another chance to try.

I was surprised how windy it was even though we weren’t even that high. We could actually almost see our house from the short flight but you could definitely see Mount Joy From up their.

It was absolutely worth it. Such a great experience that I never thought I’d have a realistic chance of doing.