Got A Pair Of Overall Shorts

With the whole shit show of the male romper thing me being the I really don’t give a fuck kind of person thought it might be funny to buy one. What makes it even better is how so many people act like a piece of clothing is the worst possible thing in the world. They were way too expensive or from China so I didn’t. Besides that I didn’t see anything outlandish enough to fit my taste haha. I mean if I’m gonna do it I have to do it right. It needed to be funny enough to make my girlfriend laugh and I love making her laugh.

On the search I discovered bib shorts on amazon. Shit, I haven’t seen overalls shorts since the nineties. Sure, why the fuck not? She likes the minions she’ll laugh. I bought them as they weren’t too expensive. They actually turned out to be pretty comfortable. If the pockets were bigger I would probably want to be wearing my overalls shorts often with all the shit I have carry around being visually impaired. I have the normal stuff but in addition to that I always carry monocular and magnifier and hate having all that shit in my pockets. I also have to have a bigger phone due to my poor vision and hate crap in my back pockets. If I ever see anything like it with bigger pockets I’d no doubt buy it.

Sure it would be odd but would seem practical to me if they were just right. I’ve never really been all that big on caring what other people think or if they like what I wear. At least I haven’t given it all that much though since middle school. Fuck it! Make it like the 90s.

Life is short.