First Monarch I Am Sure Of For 2021

I have been thinking I might have been seeing a monarch flying around our milkweed plants n the patio but when I saw it I was either mowing the lawn or just didn’t have my monocular or phone to zoom in and see it. The lighting is pretty tricky for me out back with the trees and dark shadows contrasting with the bright sunshine so I find it hard to see them for now. I thought I felt one land on my arm last week when I was laying on the chair out there but I couldn’t see anything with the super bright morning sunshine right in my eyes.

This photo shows a monarch butterfly on a hibiscus leaf.

a monarch butterfly our hibiscus plant

This photo shows a monarch butterfly on pink hibiscus plant.

The monarch butterfly was circling around our milkweed plants and landing on them and crawling around. The flowers on those plants are long gone with decent sized seed pods now. We have other plants that seeded themselves in pots that are just getting ready to bloom now. Strangely enough the plants out front are still small, like months behind the potted ones. I don’t know what the deal with that is.

We’re happy that at least one found our milkweed on the patio. Last year they didn’t seem to find it at all but then again we didn’t see that many butterflies either. Hopefully this is just the beginning and we see many more.

It was a nice way to finish out a great day. This was our first monarch butterfly sighting at all of the year hear in Mount Joy. We haven’t seen them any other place around Lancaster County until now. I’m happy to see they made the migration another year though.