First COVID Lifting Session Today

I haven’t lifted since last Tuesday I think? The days have been a blur and i have to admit I still feel a bit shell shocked by all of this. I can’t think of any ways we could have realistically been any more cautious. It is what it is at this point though so the only way to go forward is heal and move on.

I’ve been really nervous to attempt my lifts even though I have been feeling better for several days. The infection took about 8 pounds from me in a little over a week’s time and I’ve been cringing thinking about how much strength I’ve lost. I know in the grand scheme of things that’s something selfish to be worried about but at the same time I hated the though of losing my hard work.

Today I decided I feel good enough that I need to just bite the bullet and go for it. I did reset all of my weights to get moving again. It’s only been a week yet I feel like the virus took so much out of me and I had very mild symptoms. I am a lucky one. This is no joke, it’s not a hoax. You don’t want it if you can avoid it. Only time will tell if I got any of the nasty long term effects which as of right now I have no reason to believe I have and I am extremely thankful for that.

I lowered my back squats all the way down to 185 pounds today which is now above body weight! The warm up sets felt great and the working weight at 185 pounds felt easy and very, very explosive. My heart rate stayed fairly low to for the three sets of five and that was my biggest concern today really. I moved the weight well with ease.

Next I did three sets of five strict presses at only 95 pounds. These were a little tougher than they may have been pre covid but by no means difficult. They felt easy enough.

Finally I did the five sets of three deadlifts. For these I used 235 pounds and they truthfully felt very easy.

My question of whether I lost any strength seems to be answered with a big fat nope, thankfully. It would have been extremely frustrating to loose very much of what I’ve worked so hard for over the past year or so. It probably would have come back fairly quickly but I don’t know that and I am thankful I don’t have to really figure that out at this point. I am also really happy knowing that from the way I felt after today’s lifting session that I can essentially jump right back into it. I’m going to obviously ease into it and maybe even take 3 days between sessions for the time being while my body recovers but that all depends on how I feel tomorrow. I am going to take a few weeks off of my 20 rep squats because those are pretty intense but I’ll get back to them next year for sure.

The music for today’s lifting was Alkaloid again!