Failed Twenty Rep Front Squat At 170 But Not Because Of Weight

I skipped it last week thinking I may do a heavy single or x age body weight back squats for my birthday so I wanted to be fresh for that. I decided not to do either of those so I picked up where I left off with the 20 rep squats.

Today I was doing 170 pounds. I didn’t fail because of weight. Hell I wasn’t even slowing down on the squats. I only failed from readjusting the bar a little too tightly into my neck. The video also shows I really had nil difficulty weight wise confirming how I felt about it. I paused at the moment considering whether I want to continue or rerack it and ultimately decided it’s best to let it go as I was feeling a little funky. They were all very explosive reps and are looking better each week right now. They’re also still feeling pretty easy other than the mental/cardio aspect of the 20 reps.

I may retry this again another day or might just reset and go back to doing 20 rep back squats. I’ll have to see how I feel in a few days. I feel like there is definitely more in the tank for these.