Donegan Magnifier

Magnifying glasses are for sure one of those items I cannot have enough of. I like little fold able ones I can keep in my pocket and have handy where ever I may be whether it be to look at my GPS while geocaching or read a menu when we’re out to eat.

While searching on amazon I came across the Donegan V341-T Triple Folding Pocket Magnifier. These had great magnification and size and were just what I was looking for. I liked them a lot but It worked really well for me except that the part that connects the cover broke with just a slight bit of pressure in my pocket if I moved the wrong way. That made it difficult to hold. I might give them a try later at some point to see if that’s improved. I’d probably be willing to buy some more to keep around the house too.

The whole viewing area of it seems to be very clear at least to me but I’m not the best to judge that with the cloudy corneas and all.