Cursive Writing Sucks

Several days ago I saw someone say about a school no longer teaching cursive. I personally think this is great! That style of writing is nearly impossible for me to read. I would guess it is because the letters all blend together and are not very distinct. I loathed being forced to write in it for certain classes when I was in school as I could not proof read it since I couldn’t read it. Okay maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration but it was extremely difficult for me to read it and way too time consuming.

I also couldn’t stand when certain work was given to us in the teacher’s hand writing. I can even remember taking zeros on assignments simply because I found it nearly impossible to make out some of the writing. Other times I could decipher some of it, maybe just enough of it to fill in the blanks and make sense of what it was trying to say. There were certain teachers that were dicks about it too when students had trouble reading their notes.

Then again I am very thankful that I had a large print typewriter available to me and learned to type at an early age. Who would have guessed I’d be typing everyday just for fun now.

I’m not saying the handwriting should never be used. It has it’s time and place. I understand for people with better sight it’s faster to write in it and just more efficient. For me the letters just blend together too much and are too similar. I feel that cursive should definitely be taught but not needlessly and pointlessly forced for completely non related subjects later in school.