Beginning The Hunt For A Portable Music Player

I’m finally someone seriously looking looking for a new portable music player. It’s so overwhelming to search for exactly what I want for a reasonable price.

It has to support large SD cards. I see some of them support 2 SD cards and that would be ideal for me in case one took a shit while we were away at least I’d still have something. We have a lot of music and my mood and tastes in want I want to listen to vary all the time so I want to be able to have everything available. For example, today I’ve gone from Nightwish to Dream Theater to Acid Bath to Gorguts to After Forever to Megadeth and so on. I’m always looking for new stuff to listen or good prices on things I’ve wanted for a long time too for a reasonable price and we have 30 years worth of cds.

It has to support flac which thankfully it seems they all support that these days. That way I always have a lossless copy and if I ever get good headphones that would be good to have. I don’t notice the difference between them and very high bitrate mp3s but still If I’m gonna do it I want to do it right from the beginning.

Bluetooth is a must have like for example when I’m working out in the garage I don’t want to be annoyed by sweaty headphones or a cord for that matter. I care a little less about quality then. I don’t generally listen to anything while lifting (I like to have complete focus on what I’m doing) but for very long rows music is nice to have to take your mind off the monotony of it.

The screen needs to be big enough and more importantly the text needs to be big enough for me to be able to read it without a magnifier. I have to use one with Molly’s Fiio and looked to see if there was a way to increase the text size but there was none so it takes them off the list for me. It should be white text on black back round since that’s the best contrast for my eye sight.

USB C would be nice to have. I only really care because for one I have the cables and one type of cable is nicer than two but more importantly is the fact that it doesn’t matter which way you plug it in. Micro USB has always worried me that I’d break something plugging it in backwards. I guess they’re not as fragile as I though since thats never happened but still..

Amazon’s shitty search is failing me miserably but that’s another thing for another day. google hasn’t helped me much either. I really wish there was a physical store where I could go look at them but even if there was one we all know they’d have 10 versions of iPod clones that are all basically the same thing just like any other things in stores. People are followers.