Despite being legally blind I do crossfit and enjoy this form of general fintess exercise a lot. I can and will do all of the movements as long as I have the skill to do them. double unders have never clicked for me and pistols I don’t have the balance for. That could probably be partially vision related though

Crossfit is what got me to do the first pull up I’ve ever done in my life. I just couldn’t seem to be able to do them in high school. If I’m not familiar with the location I’m doing them I have to get a feeling for my location in space related to the bar before I jump up. I have missed the bar and hit the floor. No injuries other than my pride though. My best is 13 or 14 unbroken strict. It wasn’t until very recently kipping clicked at all for me. I can occasionally do butterfly pull ups but then the next time i try my body’s completely uncoordinated. I guess I just don’t practice them enough. My birthday burpees are burpee pull ups

I do wall balls but genuinely despise doing them on the stupid targets on the rig like rogue makes. I tend to miss the target at times and have the ball hit the bottom and shoot back into my face. It’s too unpredictable and due to the lights above the target I can’t see the ball until it’s about to hit me in the face. I think I quit multiple times every time I do Karen. I’ve even walked out the door then right back in saying fuck this shit and getting right back on it.

My favorite movement used in crossfit is thrusters. I don’t know why but I truly enjoy doing them and it’s usually a place in the wod where I can make up time. They’re fun to me and just look cool. Seeing a friend do them in a competition is when I realized “I want to do that.”

Box jumps I can do. I’ve only missed 2 box jumps. The first one was when I did one too many box jumps at 30 inches which I’m not used to doing. That only happened because the target is smaller than I’m used to and one foot went off the edge of the box. The other time I missed I jumped too far and my heel clipped the edge of the box as I was going over it and I hit the floor. Got right back on it so I didn’t get spooked.