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I was Born July 10, 1975 I grew up in Croydon and then we moved to Bensalem Pennsylvania when I was in 3rd grade.. Both of these were just outside of Philly PA. Now I am now living in Mount Joy, PA. It's defintely different living here than where I used to live. I like it much more living here in a smaller town than I ever did near a big city. I've always wanted to live in a small town in the mountains. Also the most important things in my life are here.

I was born legally blind,


Well Computers, are something I love. I have always wanted to learn to do more stuff with them though, I'll never know enough. I need to know how and why they work. That started when I was about 12 when my parents bought a Commodore 64 from some one. I loved playing with BASIC with that and I played with some assembly language too, There were also lots of fun games with it too!. I never made much of anything. When it comes to making something I am totally uncreative. Yet to this day I love working with computers and make little programs as a hobby. When I was in high school I read every book about computers in the local library. I've always wanted to build my own computer but my eyes held me back from trying. My girlfriend and I built our first one just a couple years ago. It's going to be time to build a new one soon. Right now I'm looking at dual core AMD

Another thing that I love very much is music! From the time I was only small I remember loving music. When I was smaller I grew up with the stuff my parents liked, which was mostly classic rock. But then I discovered metal. That has become the genre of music that I like the most now. Some of the bands I like are Metallica (old), Slayer, Megadeth (old), Testament, Black Sabbath Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Dream Theater, Therion, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Opeth, Nevermore and anything that has to do with DIO! Some of My favorite bands are

Now back to me. One thing I am is I am usually always a happy person, I haven't always been happy. Most of my life I have neither been happy or sad. I just existed. But now thats all changed. I got to do alot of thinking, and I started thinking "Hey I only have one life to live so fuck it I'm gonna do what it takes for *me* to be happy. I used to always put everyone else ahead of me.

I've always loved science stuff. I am especially interested in astronomy chemistry and physics. I feel the need to understand how and why things work the way they do. If it was a little easier for me to read books I would read any and all books I could get my hands on. Maybe the future will bring this possibility for me. I also find math to be interesting. Why can't you divide by zero? My girlfriend bought me a telescope for my birthday last year because she knew I would love it. It's just too bad that at the moment I really don't have any place I can use it.


Probably my favorite thing that has to do with science is weather. I have learned alot about it since I've been on the internet. I thought seriously about going to college for meteorology but I thought it's mostly visual with charts and stuff which I wouldn't be able to see.

I love snow and want to know what are all the factors that cause a nor easter. I get excited every time there's a potential snowstorm. When it doesn't pan out I'm usually very disapointed.

My favorite storm was the superstorm of 1993. I wish I had internet access at that time so I could've had access to all the information about it as it developed. I would have loved to watch the factors that caused it come together.

Thunderstorms are also awesome. I used to actually like to watch the weather channel before they had so many "shows."

Other Stuff

I do question everything I see in my head. I am always thinking "what ifs" or "why." I can even remember thinking like this when I was young. What makes people think what they do?

Also, I am a die hard sports fan! I just love Hockey. I am a Flyers fan. Springtime is great when the Hockey playoffs come along. I usually watch every game I can. I am not only a fan of the Flyers but I am a fan of the sport in general. I like baseball too but not nearly as much as I used to though. I look forward to watching some games with someone special. Right now I'm not a fan of any teem in particular though. I like football allot too. I like to watch college and pro football games in the fall. And last but not least I like racing, I like nascar, and I like Dirt track racing. Dirt track racing has alot of action and is always a fun night. I used to enjoy going to the track just about every weekend when my dad raced. I hope to have the chance to do that some day with My better half.

I love being outside in nature. Some of my favorite eperiences last summer were hikes on the Appalachian Trail while geocaching.

I also liked going up the the mountains, where I have real friends and alot of fun. Nothing beats drinking some cold beer and eating some good food and hanging out with friends. Whether its walking down from the parties, or spending the week of hunting season with the guys or just relaxing and bullshitting, its always fun. One thing that stands out is drinking beer and listening to music just under the night sky and just bullshitting with bobby. I used to also like the peaceful alone time allot too. It gave me lots of time to sit and think and ponder things. Even just relaxing and thinking about nothing at all would be awesome.

I truly love weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk) although I'm not all that good at it. I enjoy the learning process and the mental aspect of trying to work on one particular flaw at a time and believe me there are many. I've rediscovered, well discovered actually doing it through crossfit. I am in the best shape of my life. having recently come across some older pictures of me I am disgusted at what I had let myself become and will never let that happen again. Can't undo the past but can improve for the future.

Here are some quick facts about me. Favorites Color: Black Season: Winter Food: Pizza or a bloody burger

I will add to this shortly

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