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In response to: Earthquake real close to home

Comment from: Kristen Visitor


Yeah I live on mountville and Like
All of my friends were either calling or texting me asking if I had felt it but I didn’t cause I’m in new holland at the moment. I’m mad that I missed it. Something interesting actually happens and I miss it -_-

12/27/08 @ 02:25 am

In response to: Earthquake real close to home

Comment from: Dawn Visitor


I felt the earthquake here in York, PA around 12:04 a.m. on 12/27/2008. Very loud, very rumbly, moved across the house - I though another house had exploded like earlier this year. Not my first earthquake experience, but very much stronger!!

12/27/08 @ 01:52 am

In response to: Hurricane Gustav

Comment from: Jerrod Crocsy Visitor

Jerrod Crocsy

Quite sad how bad Cuba got hit by this. I just visited there a few months before it happened. Beautiful country.

10/28/08 @ 06:47 am

In response to: Another Dillsburg Earthquake.

Comment from: Cynthia Visitor


I felt the first quake around 4:18 a.m. and five more after that until shortly before 6:00 a.m.. I kept a log of what time and my perceived intensity. We had another one sometime after 10:00 p.m. I live about 1/2 mile from the epicenter. For some reason when the first round of earthquakes occurred two weeks ago, I knew it was an earthquake. My hunch was confirmed when I called my neighbor and he felt it to.

10/20/08 @ 06:13 pm

In response to: Wundermap - Neat New Toy

Comment from: Member

Thank you for sharing that. I hadn’t noticed it but it’s an interesting way to look at the midwest flooding.

06/18/08 @ 11:57 am

In response to: Florida Blackout

Comment from: Member

I was in the Philly suburbs during the northeast black out a few years ago and I was somewhat hoping it would spread to that area so we could see the stars. I really didn’t want to see it happen because it was a hot day and I thought of the older people and those with poor health that needed electricty to run medical equipment.

02/27/08 @ 01:24 pm

In response to: Florida Blackout

Comment from: The Frogg Visitor

The Frogg

I was in Detroit when the northeast blackout happened, and, I want to tell you, a week without power is a strange thing. We discovered just how chaotic it can be without all the little things you get used to, like tv and traffic lights, not to mention refrigeration. Drinking bottled water and huddling in the house was strange, but I must say that for a time you could actually see starts at night, which are usually blocked by all the light in the sky. Strangely enough, there was no real widespread crime/looting going on. Everyone was stunned, I guess, including the criminals! Made me really grateful for the basics that we all take for granted.

02/26/08 @ 10:22 pm

In response to: Nice Cold Shot

Comment from: Member

Interesting note about the high pressure made it up to 30.78 here. I don’t remember seeing it get so high too often.

01/24/08 @ 11:25 pm

In response to: Second Lunar Eclipse of the Year

Comment from: MR DOGG Visitor


Cool….Just in time for me as I drive to work….I noticed the moon tonight it’s huge! Very cool looking….

08/28/07 @ 12:50 am

In response to: Hot and Humid today Then Severe Storms

Comment from: MR DOGG Visitor


Wow….can’t wait to see the pics….The weather was very strange here also…..One of our patio tables out back flew off of the deck so hard it broke the glass! So we have glass all over the yard out back…..There was lots of uprooted trees near by!….WILD WIND!

08/28/07 @ 12:48 am

In response to: Snow in March is Always good

Comment from: The Doggs! Visitor

The Doggs!

Hey what’s going on here? It’s been a week now! SNOW??? It was in the 70’s today!….

Okay maybe it’s time to switch back to windows OS huh?….LOL…Just kidding Carl….

03/14/07 @ 07:34 pm

In response to: Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow

Comment from: Member

It was last night starting near sunset. Of course it was cloudy and cleared up afterwards.

03/04/07 @ 01:28 pm

In response to: Don't Steal from Grandpa

Comment from: The Doggs! Visitor

The Doggs!

Crazy Kids!…..Although I (Mark) do remember stealing my parents money for cigs. when I was an early teen! Looking back I can’t believe I did that! It wasn’t much $1 here .75 cents there….Back when you could buy a pack for a $1.00


03/02/07 @ 07:39 pm