Quecreek Mine Rescue Virtual Cache

I came across some old pictures while preparing to upgrade my computer and found a bunch from the neat things we saw while geocaching.

In July 2002 miners working in the Quecreek mine broke into an old abandoned mine that was flooded. The water quickly flooded their mine trapping them underground. Rescue operations began quickly. and after being trapped for 77 hours the miners were all rescued and all of them survived.

At the farm where the rescue occurred there is now a memorial. This was a really interesting visit for me. Luckily the cache owner placed a virtual cache here that brought us to this location. It’s how virtuals should have always been done. Statue of coal miner at the site of theQuecreek Mine rescue

First the rescuers quickly drilled an air shaft down 250 feet into the tunnel the miners were trapped by the water in and pumped air down to them. After that work began on a larger hold that they could rescue the miners through. The first drill broke and they had to get another one which came and they managed to reach the tunnel with that one. One by One all nine of the miners were rescued.

The shaft which the miners were rescued through