Jan 142012

Comcast’s email service really really sucks.  Some legit emails about transferring a domain have taken over a week to arrive in my email box and when they finally did arrive they showed up in the spam folder which I had to practically jump through hoops to find.

As a test I’ve sent some emails to myself and they have yet to arrive and it’s been about a week.  Nothing about them being rejected either.  It would be nice to know these things.  because I host my brother’s business website.  They don’t use me for email but if they did it could potentially be costing them business.

I also find sending email through them to be unreliable.  half the time when I go to send email through my comcast account I cannot even log in.

Their new webmail is painfully slow and ugly.  That’s just my opinion though and I was never really a fan of webmail.

As much as I complain about their email I cannot complain at all about their high  speed internet service.  It’s really pretty rare to have any issues with the connection and if I do it’s usually resolved within a few minutes.

Jan 132012

Something I find sad and depressing at the same time is the sheer amount of useless contraptions and fad diets out there that people use to lose weight. The common words in the ads for such thing are “six pack”, toned, ripped.

Really People all it takes is a little hard work and you can do it too! It will take more than 2 minutes a day and no you can’t eat big sized happy meals every day but if you just do the work and eat better you’ll end up healthier and happier.

I’m not saying everyone should give up the crappy food you enjoy but you could cut back on it a lot and still have it once in a while and enjoy it.

I know I’ve lost weight and certainly feel better when going to the gym which I am unfortunately not doing so much lately for another reason but once that issue is dealt with I am truly looking forward to getting back into it.

It’s really just like anything else in life though to lose weight. There is no quick fix that will work. It’s just about making better choices and working hard.