Dec 272011

One thing I find interesting about Christians is how they are so quick to get up in arms over attacks on Jesus or religion or worst yet is when they get all bent out of shape about myths of taking “Christ” out of Christmas. I understand they have their beliefs and they should stand up for what they
believe in but its is odd how they don’t care about the blatant commercialization of Christmas.

I am not a christian myself or even religious in any way for that matter but I find it hard to believe that Jesus if he were to exist would want people to go spending money they don’t have to buy material things to give to someone. Why do the outspoken Christians attack this rather than people who just simply have different beliefs than they do?

I’m sorry but I think that Christ should be taken out of Christmas if Jesus is as they seem to think he is since it goes against who he was and what he did.

Dec 032011

So our local newspaper has decided that they want me to pay a few dollars to read more than 15 articles online. To me this would be fine if I didn’t already pay to have it delivered. Why should I have to pay extra to read it online on a page loaded with ads? I don’t read the print version myself because of the small print not working with my eyesight. The truth of the matter is I would have canceled the subscription long ago if my girlfriend didn’t read it.

I understand they are a business and their goal is to make money. If they want to make money from me they need to give me something worth paying for and not the poorly written error filled stuff they publish. Also I would prefer it to be politically neutral. If I wanted “conservative” news I would turn on faux news. I expect facts in news so I could make my own educated decisions. I am able to make educated decisions and don’t need someone to tell me what’s right.