Jan 012011

Well today we finally made it back to the gym.  It felt great to get back in there.  I refuse to call it a new years resolution.  It’s just that we’ve been busy and I personally lost my drive when my grand mom died a few months ago.

What I am really looking forward to doing is getting back into weights.  Something I enjoyed very much in high school when they gave me that instead of a regular gym class due to my poor vision.  I wish I would have worked harder at it then.  I didn’t want to get big and was actually embarrassed to have the gym class with other disabled students rather than a regular class.  Now I realize I was lucky to have it and an awesome teacher to go with it.

Our gym is not perfect for weights but they have some machines and a few other things.  It’s only a 2 minute drive from home and once the new bridge is done being built we will walk to the gym. Now there is no shoulder on the road and I don’t plan on getting killed this year.  It’s also much better than what we have at home, which is nothing.

My goal is to be able to do pull ups.  I never could do those before no matter how hard I tried but I will do them now.

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