Jan 262011

Another week and more snow.. This should bring the Lancaster county area their heaviest snow of the year so far with six inches plus of the white stuff.  It’ll be a wet snow compared to the very fluffy powdery stuff we’ve had for the past couple of years.  I’ll enjoy watching it fall. We’ve already recieved a half inch or so here in Mount Joy Pennsylvania from snow showers.

No bitter arctic temperatures with this storm either.  Highs should be near freezing with tonight’s low in the mid 20s. That feels outright warm compared to last week’s highs near 20 and lows in the single digits.

Jan 212011

Google says they are cracking down on spam.  That would be nice as their results have not been very good recently.  Almost every search has crappy results from the same sites such as ehow and yahoo answers.  There’s also the useless sites that want you to jump through hoops to get the answers to your questions and of course the answers are stolen.

Google says they’re doing something about it but we’ll see.  They’ve gone too long with no real competition so they did just enough to get by or wasted time adding pointless “features” like the page preview thing.

I think I’m personally going to look at other search engines to see if it’s any easier to find what I am actually searching for rather than the spammy crap.

Jan 192011

A few minutes ago I looked up a local pizza shop’s website to see if they deliver.  What a train wreck that site is!  First things  first it’s flash only.  Their is a little animation.. Basically the shops name moves up on the screen then a graphic shows up.  I only turned flash on to see how poorly done the site was.

The text is small and it’s only got a menu for the types of food.  The text for the menu is smallish green text on a whitish back-round with the back-round image blended into that.  Pretty poor contrast IMO.  I need to use a magnifier to see it.

When you click on something it again animates with tiny next on a green back-round for the foods in that category.  This text I struggle to read with a magnifier.  Guess who won’t be getting my business.

It’s really disappointing to see this type of crappy website still around.  Especially for a small business where every customer might count and they are making it harder on them.

Sadly the site designer of course has a link to his site at the bottom.  If I were them I’d delete that link out of embarrassment.

Jan 172011

I hear people say they can’t do something far too often. This reminds me of a teacher in middle school who used to say there’s no such thing as can’t.  It’s either you don’t know how to do something or you don’t want to do something.  This has always stuck with me and for most things I believe it is true.

I think most of the time is people don’t want to do something.  People are afraid to leave their comfort zone and do anything new.  Sure they may fail but then that just gives an excuse to try again.  I look forward to trying new things.  I admit that I’ve been guilty of not wanting to do things. I want to change that.

Try to do something new this year.  Learn something new and challenge yourself rather than just saying you can’t.  I know it won’t be this year but I’d like to learn rock climbing.  I still want to learn to speak German to and am thinking about getting back into that.  I’d also love to learn other languages at some point in my life.

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Jan 152011

Firefox 4 beta 9 was released and I had to try it. It’s not in freebsd ports yet so I tried it under wine.. I tried it and it seems to be much, much faster than 3.6.x

The speed improvement is very nice and long over due.. but the GUI?  Why in the world would they get rid of the status bar?  I depend on that to see where a link may be leading me to.  It seems like it tries to show that information in the URL bar but that’s far to short to display anything useful with my large text.  Also some of the extensions I use make use of the status bar to display information.

It seems like they are trying to copy Chrome with their GUI and I think chrome’s GUI is terrible.  The lack of extensions that I use regularly and awful GUI are what keep me from using Chrome anyways since it seems much faster than Firefox is.  Hopefully they give us an option to have a status bar.

Jan 142011

Dear fundamentalist Christians, please accept others for what they are and don’t waste your time praying for me to become a believer.  I don’t judge you no matter how illogical your fairy tales are, please give me the same.

Jan 112011

Here’s a message to those websites who think they are disabling right clicking to prevent someone from stealing your photos.  You are not preventing anything but you are hurting usability for those of us who may want to open a link in a new tab or a new window.  I know I could just middle click but I choose to right click and use the menu.

This may be hard for you to understand but your images and page were transferred from your server to my computer.  If I really wanted to get them I could.  Please get rid of the stupid message.  That’s almost as bad as the big sites who use flash to prevent you from stealing images.

Jan 102011

It is looking like we’ll be getting a couple of inches of snow here Tuesday into Wednesday.  I can’t complain about that.. It’s funny how the past couple of years the heavier snow has been to our east over towards Philly and New Jersey and to the south.  Growing up in Bensalem it seemed like there was always more snow in the northern and western suburbs of Philly while we were always close to that dreaded mix line and seemingly always received at least some sleet mixed in.  Should be a fun one to track.

Jan 082011

This morning while reading reddit I saw someone who is legally blind ask for some advice on a computer issue.  I saw some suggestions with good intention that really wouldn’t help and some things that were ignorant.  I wanted to address some of them here since I see this in real life all the time being legally blind myself.

The first suggestion that stands out the suggestion of wearing glasses.  That’s a great idea except for the fact that if someone knows they’re legally blind chances are they would already have glasses if they would help.  They Do not help me personally but I know of others who get much help from wearing glasses.  The other thing with this is glasses may help someone and the visually impaired person may even be wearing them but may not correct the vision enough to for them to do what they’re trying to do.

Another Great idea in theory is to get a bigger screen.  While it’s true you can increase the size of everything on a bigger screen keep in mind the visually impaired person may have to be very close to the screen.  A screen which is too big would cause the person to have to physically move their head to read a line or see different parts of the screen.  I sit with my face about six inches from the screen personally so that would be a big problem.  It also prevents me from using a laptop comfortably which actually sucks because I’d love to have one.

Also due to their poor vision transportation can be a big problem for those who are legally blind.  Just because you know someone who is legally blind who drives doesn’t mean everyone drives. I do not drive and honestly I wouldn’t even consider it if I could legally blind because I know how my vision is and would not consider it safe.  At least in the United States public transportation isn’t a priority so many areas have little or no public transportation.