Jan 152009

Woman blames Dell for missing online classes

I saw this online somewhere and just wanted to say that I am really surprised we don’t see it happen more often now that Dell sells Ubuntu computers.

The woman in the article ordered a dell laptop with Ubuntu installed for the operating system and when she got it she couldn’t use it because she needed windows to set up her Verizon internet.  I could probably find a way around that and she probably could have too but didn’t.  At least Verizon is helping her with that.

It seems to me that she bought the linux computer with out knowing what she was buying and I assume that it was clearly stated that the computer didn’t come with windows.  If so then too bad for her.  She could always have bought her own copy of windows and installed it herself or had it installed.

For some reason computers bring out the dumb in people.  So many people just find it easy to say it doesn’t work than learn or figure out problems on their own.  I always thought this could be a problem with dell selling linux computers but it hasn’t been as much of one as I expected.

Jan 112009

The cold has been building in Alaska for a while now and it has mostly stayed where it is.  It looks like it will head straight down into the midwest and north east US..  We’ll probably get below zero here but the NWS isn’t forcasting that yet.  I imagine it’ll be pretty brutal just a bit north of here where there is snow cover on the ground and if it clears up at night.

I wonder if we’ll make a run at 1994’s numbers.. I still remember that well.  I was still in high school and lived with my parents in Bensalem and the temperature never made it above 10 the one day with the sun out.  I was also lucky enough to fall through ice and have about 5 blocks to walk home.  That year there was also not snow cover.

We’ll see what happens.

Jan 102009

Microsoft is releasing a public beta of windows 7.  Once I get my older hard drive installed in this computer I think I may give it a try to see what it’s like.  Even though I rarely use windows at this point I need it for a few things like mapping software for our gpsrs and some other little thinks like that.

Vista is on Molly’s laptop and I just don’t like that.  I do like windows XP which I have installed on this computer and dual boot but I won’t be able to use that forever.  Sooner or later it won’t have drivers that I need or that sort of thing.  Her laptop seems pretty stable though so I can’t complain  too much about it.

From what I’ve read windows 7 seems to be easier on memory which is nice.  Even though ram is cheap now I still would rather it be used for what I want it used for.

Jan 102009

Well I had a Delorme pn-40 which I liked a lot.  It had good accuracy from what I could tell but I never really got the chance to use it.  The first time I got very short battery life.  I returned it and they repaired it.  The second time I got it back and it just didn’t power on.  Then I  received it again and If I had to guess I put the batteries in backwards and it didn’t work.  The markings are all but impossible for me to see.  I am returning it for a refund which I’m very disappointed to do but I just don’t see it working out for me.

It seemed to be on par with my Garmin 60csx as far as getting and holding a lock on satellites.   The screen is smaller but very bright and clear and I could see it just as well as the 60csx.  I will surly consider any other gps Delorme may come out with.  The best thing about it is the maps are included with the gps unlike some of the other hand held gpsrs where they are an aditional cost (and not cheap.)