Dec 272008

Wow… I don’t know if it woke me up or I was awake but I heard a deep rumbling and thought that sounds  like an earthquake.  Well I got up and went on the computer and checked Millersville’s real time seismic data.. Something showed up.. So maybe it wasn’t my imagination.  Checked  USGS’s earthquake site and they showed a confirmed 3.3 earthquake just north of Mountville,pa  Pretty cool!

Here’s info for USGS’s site – Magnitude 3.4 – PENNSYLVANIA


Dec 122008

We had a nice moisture rich  storm system move from the gulf coast up the East coast..   The system is currently causing snow and major ice in the new england states.

Here we were in the mid 50’s all day yesterday with rain and then in the evening the rain became heavy.  ended up with 2 – 3 inches of rain in the area.  My Davis vantage pro measured 2.06 inches of rain here.  This is on top of the rain from the day before.  I’m really surprised there’s not more flooding.

It looks like quite a bit of flooding going on in the area where my parrents live.  We had the warmer air in our area but They had snow west of here.. Snow in Texas, snow in New Orleans.

It’s been a pretty interesting December with some snow and plenty of cold air available to storms.