Nov 252008

Last a meteor came down over Canada and lit up the skies ad it burned up. I wish I could witness one some day.

Anyways they’re estimating it weighed between one and ten tons and was from the size of a chair to the size of a desk. It broke p and the believe pieces landed over Alberta and Saskatchewan. It will be interesting if they find any of the pieces that reached the ground.

Nov 212008

So much for the flurries I thought we might get last night.  The ground is white.  even the street has snow covering it.  It’s too bad the band didn’t sit over us, some of the counties to the north of us were under a winter weather advisory for three to six inches of snow.  Pretty impressive considering it’s not even December yet.  It’s been an interesting fall so far.  Remember the storm in October that produced heavy snow in the mountains and even an accumulating snowfall in the Philly suburbs.

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Nov 202008

November 20th and there’s a nice looking snow squall stretching across the state of Pennsylvania.  It goes from Northwestern PA to Philly and is pretty solid looking.  The heavy band of snow is pretty much staying over the same areas with snowfall rates of up to 1 to 2 inches an hour.  It would be nice if it shifted 30 miles south now.

Looks like it’s crossing I 81 near the Schuylkill and Berks county border.  I wounder how many people will wreck there coming between the mountains.  Pretty cool to see snow on radar so early in the year though, even if it is just a squall.  We actually made it into the low 40s today but stayed in the 30s earlier in the week.  NWS is forecasting a high only 32 tomorrow.

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Nov 182008

After last week being a mild week we had a fairly strong  storm system move through Saturday. It wasclose to 70 that day with a tornado watch in effect.  While a line of showers developed and moved through the area it was not near severe limits. We had some heavy rain and a bit of wind.

Sunday was cooler with some wind.  Nothing major.  I was sort of surprise by that considering our pressure made it down to 29.26 on Saturday.

I’ve been noticing the lake effect snow on radar since then.  I haven’t seen any here but they said on the news this morning that they had some in the Harrisburg  area.  We should have a hight temperature today of about 38.  The same for tormorow and we finally get back. It feels like winter now.

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