Oct 292008

Yesterday’s storm was not too bad at all for a late October storm system.  It deepened throughout the day and the wind picked up.  We  had howling winds most of the night with occasional gusts that seemed pretty strong.

We only got  rain here and most of the precipitation didn’t make it this far west but down in my mom’s area in Bensalem they had some snow.  She said none stuck to the ground but I did see a spotter report of .5 inches in Bensalem.  Her elevation is only like 50 feet or something like that..  There are some parts of  Bensalem that are a bit higher.

The big winners appear to be the higher elevations in north east PA.  I saw a few places with reports of over a foot of snow.  The highest total I saw was 17 inches in Freeland, Pa

This would have been a pretty good setup for snow during the winter.  lets hope that we have more like it!  Now the storm is pretty wound up just north of new england.

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