Oct 292008

Yesterday’s storm was not too bad at all for a late October storm system.  It deepened throughout the day and the wind picked up.  We  had howling winds most of the night with occasional gusts that seemed pretty strong.

We only got  rain here and most of the precipitation didn’t make it this far west but down in my mom’s area in Bensalem they had some snow.  She said none stuck to the ground but I did see a spotter report of .5 inches in Bensalem.  Her elevation is only like 50 feet or something like that..  There are some parts of  Bensalem that are a bit higher.

The big winners appear to be the higher elevations in north east PA.  I saw a few places with reports of over a foot of snow.  The highest total I saw was 17 inches in Freeland, Pa

This would have been a pretty good setup for snow during the winter.  lets hope that we have more like it!  Now the storm is pretty wound up just north of new england.

Oct 282008

An October coastal storm system is developing off the mid atlantic coast.  It started yesterday with an area of rain developing and persisting through the night here in central Pa.  This would have been a nice situation for a little snow here in January.  Right now and yesterday during the afternoon the temperature held in the low 40’s

Now in the Poconos and higher elevations of northern Pa.  I wish I still had my place up near Hazleton and would be going up there.  With an elevation of 1600 feet or so and the fact that they always tended to get more snow than the surrounding areas I bet it would be a nice late fall snowfall.

It should be a cool blustery day later as the wind picks up with highs in the 40’s.

Oct 242008

Wow.. This is pretty interesting to me.  I heard on the news that the earthquakes are continuing in York county.  One even occurred while a scientist was setting up a portable seismograph.  They say they hope to be able to detect where exactly the tremors are happening so they can determine the cause.

They seem to be pretty weak quakes but still it’s pretty unusual on the east coast and even more  unusual to have a swarm of them like Dillsburg has been experiencing.

Oct 232008

It’s always a sign of winter coming when the leaves are turning but It’s even more exciting when the NWS is starting to talk about lake effect snow.  State college is saying temperatures should support lake effect snow into tuesday after the arctic from moves through.

I’m not looking forward to the rain but arctic fronts can be fun.

Oct 202008

I thought this was worth notiing since this area  is not exactly geologically active.  I  just heard on the news that Dillsburg, PA had another minor earthquake Sunday.  They just had one a few weeks ago.   No damage or anything like that.  Quakes are just unusual in that area.  When  you  think about it though, there has to be some  unknown faults underground from when the Appalachian  mountains were formed.

Oct 162008

While I have not watched nearly as much as I did when I was in high school and middle school I still like it.  The biggest thing stopping me from watching it now is I couldn’t find the  Phillies on TV until the playoffs.  Been trying to watch them and have  enjoyed it.  It’s a bonus that the Phils have won and will be going to the world series.  I like their team.  I had to   keep switching back and forth between that and the presidential debate last night.

Looking forward to watching the world series.

Oct 162008

Hurricane Omar has been an interesting storm and shows how quickly these storms can change.  It looked pretty good on satellite yesterday with deep convection.  Early this morning its intensity peaked at almost category four.  I really would’ve never expected that.  They plane this morning reported hail and couldn’t get into the entire storm due to extreme turbulence.  The National Hurricane Center estimated the storm peaked at category 4 status.

Things change and now the storm is not down to 85 miles per hour with the convection pretty much gone from the center of the storm. and the center is exposed on visible satellite pictures  It’s amazing how  quickly things can change.  This weakening has pretty much happened in just an eight hour time period.

Oct 072008

After the tropics got fairly quiet we now have Tropical Storm Marco in the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s not that strong but very interesting still.  It’s tiny.  The smallest storm I remember seeing and they’re saying tropical storm force winds only extend out 10 miles from the center.