Sep 062008

Tropical storm Hanna moved into the Carolinas last night and north, then northeast through Virginia and is now off the coast.  It dumped heavy rains in some areas and in my back yard we received heavier rainfall than I had expected.  I figure that was going to happen when I saw the radar this morning and felt the  humidity.  Dew point of 72 or 73 today made it feel like summer and not September.

My Davis vantage pro2 recorded 2.19 inches today.  I noticed that Lancaster county’s stormnet website shows most areas getting 2 to almost 5 inches of rain.  So much for me not having to cut the grass anymore this year.. It’s been so dry it hasn’t grown.

It’s been breezy since about 2 but the wind hasn’t been strong.  State college dropped the wind advisory too.   I haven’t heard of any damage or flooding really either.

This situation could have been worse I think if the moisture from Gustav had combined with the moisture from  Hanna.

In the Atlantic Hurricane Ike is back up to 135 miles per hour making it a category four.  This one will be a fun storm to track.

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