Sep 042008

The tropics in the Atlantic basin are still active but it is near the peak of the season.  At this point there are two tropical storms and a major hurricane.

Tropical storm Hanna is the closest to affecting land and should move on shore in the Carolinas and move up the coast.  It really doesn’t look that well organized right now as it’s being influenced by sheer.  Hopefully it stays  further east and doesn’t give us much rain.  Although it’s not that impressive it should be fun to watch it make landfall.

Further out in the Atlantic is tropical storm Josephine.  This one also doesn’t look that great either and really isn’t forecast to have much of a change in strength.  It’s so far east I would guess it’ll never reach the east coast.

The really interesting storm is hurricane Ike.  This storm has rapidly deepened. from a tropical storm yesterday morning to a Hurricane this morning with maximum winds of 145 mph and minimum pressure of 935 millibars.  This one will be really interesting when it gets close enough for the recon planes to fly into it.  I can’t wait to see what the really find.  it just looks awesome on satellite images right now.  This storm is a great example of what makes weather so interesting to me.

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