Aug 302008

Hurricane Gustav has rapidly strengthened over nigh and now has maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour.    It also appears to have grown in size and is now a large storm.  It looks pretty good this morning.

It should cross Cuba which  will hopefully weaken the storm quite a bit.  Gustav should then make landfall in Louisiana but being such a large storm the effects will be pretty widespread.  Will definitely be a fun weekend to watch  it.

Aug 292008

The tropics sure got active now..  In the Caribbean Sea there is tropical storm  Gustav.  It made another landfall today on Jamaica.  It doesn’t really look that   impressive but is forecast to go between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula and strengthen  over the warm water.  We’ll see how it holds together.  It seems to like land so far.

We also have Tropical storm Hanna north east of the Leeward Islands.  Again it doesn’t look all that impressive but does seem to have a burst of colder cloud tops now meaning that it has better convection.  It’ll be a little while before this one effects any land masses.

It would be kind of interesting to see these two storms strong enough and close enough together to have the fujiwhara effect.  At the same time they could cause damage and cost people there lives so I don’t really want to see that happen.

There is also an area of convection off of Mexico that they are keeping an eye on.

Aug 262008

The tropical depression I mentioned yesterday has become hurricane Gustav.  That was fast.    Right now it is forecast to stay along the southern edge of Cuba which will keep the rain away from the southeast US.  It is forecast to become a strong hurricane and move into the gulf of Mexico.  I guess that will bring oil prices up.  We’ll see what happens.

Aug 252008

Tropical storm Fay was pretty interesting to watch even thought it never got that strong.  It just moved so slow that it dumped flooding rains with lots of reports of high rainfall totals.  The that grabbed me was the spotter report of 27.5 inches of rain.  There were lots of reports of 15 to 20 inches in Florida too.  I would think the lucky thing is that the storm didn’t stall or move very slowly over mountainous terrain.

The storm held onto it’s organization pretty well while pretty much drifting over Florida.  That surprised me and was pretty interesting since the center wasn’t over it’s fuel source.

Now there’s a another tropical depression that looks like it should move north west over Cuba.  IF that goes over Florida or the south east US it could make for another mess down there.

Aug 202008

The cold front came through and made for a nice cool night last night.  Actually this morning it felt a bit chilly out side.  We had a low of 51.4 according to my Davis vantage pro2.  I was hoping to make the 40’s but didn’t quite make it. This is my favorite part about August.  It’s when we start getting the first cool crisp nights of the year.

It won’t be too much longer until we are getting our first frost of the year.  Not to far off from that I’ll be hoping for snow only to be disappointed to have rain instead.

Aug 192008

KDE 4.1 became available in the FreeBSD ports so I figured I’d give it a try.  Some stuff is missing but I like what I am seeing so far.  I have been using it for the past week or so with no problems and no crashes or anything like that.  It’s been stable enough that I could use it as my primary setup.

The biggest thing that it’s missing are some of the customization options.  I can’t move the  panel to the left side of the screen and set it to auto hide like I prefer it.  I could place it either at the top of the bottom of the screen.  I stuck with the top and It’s actually growing on me  being placed up there.

The new menu took a little getting used to but I like it now.  It seems to be easier to find stuff now that I know where it is.

It’s nice to know that it coexists with kde3 so I can switch back anytime I need to or want to.  Even better is the fact that there are other options if neither of them turned out to be what I want.

KDE4 feels faster and seems a little better on memory usage.  As it matures I  think this is going to turn out to be really nice.  It should be pretty interesting to see how it matures over time.

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Aug 192008

We’ve turned the corner heading back towards winter now.  I’m noticing the sun is lower in the sky and it’s been cooler the past week or so and much less humid than it had been.  Most nights we’re making it into the 50’s.  We  haven’t had much rain this summer in my backyard but a few  miles in every direction has had their share of rain from thunderstorms.

A strong cold front will move through today but we’re not likely to have any rain from it because there’s just not much moisture for it to work with.

It feels like fall now.  I’m looking forward to autumn and the sound and smell of freshly fallen leaves in the woods with the nice cool nights.

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Aug 152008

Yesterday afternoon and evening there was a fire in Conshohocken that went to 8 alarms according to the news. It has displaced over 300 people the news said earlier.

It started in a 5 story building that was under construction. It seems like it quickly spread through the entire building and then the radiant heat caused it to spread to more buildings. The one video I saw of it just looked totally insane.

My question is how could brand new apartment buildings burn so quickly? I would think they would have done things to slow down the speed of the fire spreading. I just couldn’t believe they built such large buildings out of wood. This could have been really bad if people would have been sleeping when the fire started.

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Aug 142008

We were away geocaching last week in four states and stayed over in Maryland.  We had a blast with it too.  Sunday morning there were already thunderstorms developing over Delaware.  I could see the dark clouds out the hotel window.  They had severe thunderstorm warnings.   We went to do a fun multi and then decided to head towards home.

As we headed north we could see a nasty looking storm to the north.  We never ran into it though.  Finally by the time we got to Quarryville we reached and area where it had rained..  After reading the reports of golf ball sized hail I am thinking maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t catch up to the storm.

Anyways I was just looking at the NWS website at storm reports from Sunday.  It seems  they had lots of reports of hail.  What surprised me was a funnel cloud over  Hinkletown.  They have pictures of it posted.  Pretty wild storms this year continuing. See it here ( Funnel Clouds Observed August 10, 2008)

The nice thing though is the fact that   it’s been very nice weather for the past week.  The heat and humidity are gone.