May 262008

This news is something I really wish there was more of.  The Phoenix Mars lander has successfully landed and already sent back some pictures.  It’s really great that they had another lander on Mars in a different area.  I am looking forward to the new discoveries it brings to us.

I think it’s really important to explore the universe and work on finding other places where we could survive.  I think it’s important to the long turn survival of humans because there is too many things that could happen here on Earth to make us extinct.

It is also really interesting to think about the possibility of other forms of life out there.  I really believe that life is out there and at least simple life is probably pretty common.  I can’t imagine that our little spot in the vast universe is the only one where things came together just right to cause self replicating molecules that eventually became complex enough to be life.  i feel we narrow our searches too much but I understand you do have to start some place.  I makes me wonder what we miss when you look at the extremophiles here on Earth that live in places that it was thought that lfie could not exist.

Mars seems to have a lot of the ingredients that would be necesarry for life to have existed.  If it did ever exist I would really hope that in my lifetime It is understood why it isn’t there now. What could have happened to change things?

What could have happened to change things?  If life exists now It would be really interesting to understand what it has done to adapt to a harsh environment.  What makes it tick?  Were conditions on Mars always the same or did they change and if they changed what made them change?

I can’t help but have the feeling that there were be some amazing discoveries in science during my lifetime.  Science is amazing. I had always loved it as a kid and now I am rediscovering my interest in it.  I really wish I would have pursued it more in school but the experience I did have with anything science related in school was pretty pathetic.

May 122008

May 12 and two nice noreasters in the past week.  This has been an cool weather week for sure.  They produced tornadoes in the Midwest and in the south and heavy rain in the mid Atlantic. They even had some snow today in the larurel highlands of Pennsylvania today.

This most recent storm would have made an awesome winter storm.  I think it would have been a great snow maker.  It’s not too fast moving and keeping temps in the 40’s in May here would lead me to believe there would have been enough cold air for snow in the winter.

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May 062008

What is it with people in Lancaster county and being really stupid around railroad equipment?  I heard this on the news last night and thought it couldn’t be true but the newspaper’s website said it is.

They said they believe he climbed a metal tower and was trying to cut the copper to steal it.  Didn’t he have enough common sense to realize that the wires are up so high for a reason?  He was electrocuted and pronounced dead at the scene.

I think this guy should win a Darwin Award for sure.  Sad thing is his family could probably sue and win because there wasn’t a sign on the pole telling him not to climb it and try to steal the live wires while trespassing.