Mar 272008

Cassini Tastes Organic Material at Saturn’s Geyser Moon I saw some pretty exciting news from NASA.  Cassini, the space craft out near Saturn detected higher temperatures than expected on Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

Cassini flew through a geyser like eruption and sensed water vapor and organic materials.  I thought this was pretty amazing news.

I only wish we had more space probes out there exploring

Mar 222008

Stellar Explosion Is Most Distant Object Visible to Naked Eye

Nature and the universe never cease to amaze me.

Yesterday morning a a gamma ray burst was observed that was so bright it would have been visible to the naked eye.  It became the furthest away object to be visible with the naked eye for a short while and set a record.

Scientists estimated it was 7.5 billion light years away.

Gamma ray burst are the brightest explosions in the universe since the big bang.  They are caused when a when massive stars use up their fuel and collapse into a black hole or a neutron star.

Mar 212008

Another week and another storm.  The wet year continues with me recording .80 inches of rain from the last storm.  That’s nothing compared to what they got in the Mississippi valley.  They received insane amounts of rain and lots of flooding including some record crests.

As the storm moved northeast it deepened and caused us plenty of wind.  It was nothing like last week but it just continues our windy weather this year.  I don’t remember the last year we have had windy days so often.

Today a clipper will move through the area bringing us some rain and snow tonight.  It’s spring now, bring on the thunderstorms!

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Mar 182008

Last Saturday we did some caching in the coal region of PA.  That’s always an interesting area to visit for me.  Growing up I went to the mountains with my grandfather in the Hazleton area and some of the older people there were miners at one time.  I learned a lot from them and enjoyed their interesting stories.

Odd thing is is the one cache was in an area where the PA DEP had filled in the strip mines but not to the original contour of the land.  It was just pretty flat so at the one edge the bottom rock was showing on a steep incline.  We weren’t thinking.. We should have taken pictures of it.

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Mar 112008

Last weekends storm didn’t give us as much rain as promised but it did rain some.  Saturday afternoon the low seemed to start to intensify more rapidly just as it crossed central Pa.  We’d gone to eat at Red Robin’s in Hershey and when we came out it was sunny and clear except for a line of clouds to the south west.  By the time we got home the clouds were moving in.

One the storms moved in we got some insane wind gusts but the cool thing was to hear the sounds.  It was almost like hearing stronger winds above.  We got very heavy rain for a few minutes and wind blown hail.

Lots of tree damage in the county and power outages too.  None in my neighborhood but we went to Leola and saw roofing materials on the ground and saw ppl trucks near Chickies Rock park Sunday evening.  Two of them working across the street from each other..

After the storms passed here they really seemed to form a solid bow echo.  Seemed like it weakened on radar by the time it reached Bucks county but judging by the stats on my brother’s tree service website they got hit pretty hard.  My mom said it wasn’t bad at her house but she said there was a lot going on in the area judging by the scanner.

It was definitely a time when I wish I had my Davis vantage Pro’s wind sensor set up properly. I recorded a 29.12 low pressure here.

Mar 072008

Once again we’ll be under a flood watch.  Things could be pretty ugly.  I am just think that the river will be just a couple of feet below flood stage to start with storm total rainfall of two inches possible again by Saturday.  TJudging by the radar it looks like the storm has plenty of moisture to work with.

his is just one of those times where I am glad to not live along the river. I can’t imagine what it would take for it to actually flood in our area or if it is even possible.

Mar 052008

I got woken up last night by howling winds and the heaviest downpour since last summer.  My Vantage pro2 said 2.06 inches an hour for rainfall rates.. It also said it’s raining cats and dogs, well no shit!  Sounds like there is a little minor flooding out there now.

I got up and looked at the radar.. What an impressive squall line it showed.  Haven’t seen one like that cross this area in a while.  Even more uncommon is this one was overnight.

Looks like the NWS expects the Susquehanna river to crest above flood stage Thursday into Friday.  Just in time for more rain.

Mar 042008

A storm moving up from the south has plenty of moisture with it and  warm temperatures here.  This is expected to bring one to two inches of rain to central pa with possibly more where thunderstorms occur.  the NWS has issued a flood watch for much of central PA due to this.  This could have been pretty bad if there was a snow pack like some other years.  1996 comes to mind.

It’s warm out this morning with temperatures close to 60.  It feels like spring today and did yesterday too.

Up North there’s also an ice storm warning.

Mar 032008

What the hell is it with people when they’re driving?  We were on our way home today and there were two people that seemed to be racing down the road including driving in the wrong lane and the left hand turning lane today.

Why does driving seem to bring out the asshole in people?  This is how folks get hurt or killed.  Sadly its often innocent people who are the ones who get hurt.