Jan 242008

Today I’ve been thinking that I might be willing to give a cornea transplant another shot if the opportunity ever comes up.  I have had a couple and both rejected.  I have no idea where this is coming from but it’s on my mind today.

The most recent one was fine one day and I woke up the next morning everything was very blurry.  Before that things were great.  I was noticing things every day that I had never seen before.  I went to the doctor and they put me on eyedrops ever hour 18 hours a day and it slowly got better.

Things stayed pretty good for a few years but then my vision in that eye slowly got worse.  It happened so slowly that I didn’t even notice it until one day I realized I was using my “bad” eye which hadn’t every been operated on.  That set off a long period of depression.

The eye doctors told me that I could get put on the list for another cornea but at that time I decided I didn’t want to because they weren’t working for me they might have a better chance for someone else and thought it would be selfish to get another one.

I’m not sure why the sudden change of heart on it but I really do think I would like to give it another try.  Maybe it would work better this time.  It would be worth it to me even if it didn’t last forever to have the opertunity to see things clearly again.  It would be great to be able to just read a book with out a huge difficulty

It would be awesome to be able to see nature.  Geocaching gets me out there alot.  I would love to see the hawks and other birds that fly along the Susquehanna river.  It would be wonderful to get the chance to see a bald eagle or just the shapes of complexity of trees.  Right now they’re just a green blur.  I didn’t aprecieate having the chance to see these sorts of things enough in the past but I would now.

Most importatly I would love the chance to see Molly’s face.

Jan 212008

We are having a quick arctic cold snap right now.  It made it down to 10°F which was pretty cold but no where near the record for the day.  The record was -22 °F  here, set in 1994.  It was the coldest of the year but not close to the 2 °F my davis vantage pro2 recorded last year. I remember that winter.  Back in the Philly area we had rain and ice that winter.  Further north and west they had snow and ice.

This time in 1994 the north eastern us was in the grips of an arctic airmass that set some all time records.  Even in Philly it was one of those not too common times when when the temperature didn’t make it above 10.

I remember that being a fun winter which was cold and stormy.  I wish I had access to the internet then and all the information that is available now.  It would have made it more fun to watch.

Jan 172008

I looked at the radar than looked out the window and got a nice surpise.  It’s snowing moderately and the grass is white.  It’s just starting to stick to the sidewalks but the street looks just wet.  It’s pretty heavy and fairly large snowflakes falling.  My gut feeling was it would be rain or sleet.  Maybe tonight I’ll have to go for a walk.

Jan 142008

Pretty much like I’ve been suspecting we didn’t get any snow here.  We got rain instead.  I just didn’t see the temperature dropping fast enough for us.  Besides that the storm was to form too far north and east to really give us anything.  Maybe we’ll ahve better luck next time.

There was a time when I would really get my hopes up for a storm like this to happen but I don’t do that to myself anymore.

Jan 112008

There is at least a potential for snow in the Susquehanna valley Sunday into  Monday.  It probably won’t accumulate to much of anything but that’s the way it’s going this year.  At least there shouldn’t be a lot of ice.

Jan 102008

DesktopBSD 1.6 was released yesterday.  I’ve been using the RC versions for almost a year and couldn’t be happier.  It has worked great for me except a few minor glitchs which I was able to get figured out.  It’s based on freebsd 6.3 and xorg 7.3.

Using it has made it fun to use the computer again.  It generally just works but there is plenty learn if you want.

DesktopBSD download

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Jan 072008

I just saw that Garmin is releasing a new gps.  From what I read they may have actually improved over the 60csx.  I think I will be getting on as soon as I can.  I’m looking forward to playing with it.

The best thing about it is the fact that it seems to support paperless caching better by having the cache writeup and previous logs right on the gps.  That means we wouldn’t have to use the ipaq for caching which would be a good thing since Molly has a habit of letting the battery die completely in it.

Garmin Colorado 400t Handheld GPS Unit with US Topographic Preloaded Maps

Jan 042008

Wow.. I can not even comprehend this amount of snow but in the Sierra Nevada the NWS is forecasting the possibility of 7 to 10 feet of snow.  I would love to experience that some day.  They are also forcasting hurricane force winds.  They’re saying snow will fall at six inches an hour and maybe up to eight inches per hour.

Jan 032008

I got to spend a couple hours in a book store yesterday.   I love books and could have walked out with a car full if it wasn’t so inconvenient to read them.  If they were readily available I would probably read all the time.

Large print books are available but they are expensive and still not quite big enough for me to see.   There is also not much of a selection of large print books out there.

It would be great if one of the ebook devices would actually let me increase the size of the text and also increase the contrast.  It would be nice if one could purchase any book at a reasonable price. 

Hopefully some day technology will enable something that works for everyone. If a device worked for me I’d probably have it loaded with science related stuff.

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