Aug 272007

Tomorrow morning there will be a total lunar eclipse. It will begin at 3:52 am and become a total eclipse at 5:52 am. The moon will turn red. We won’t have the best view here because it’s so close to moon set but still it’s pretty cool that it will be the second eclipse this year.

Aug 272007

We had a great time attending the GOTCHA event today. There were tons of prizes, including a very special Team Alamo coin. I’m very disappointed to not win that.

It was hot and humid today.. It’s never a good thing when you wake up to thick fog and temperatures in the 70’s in summer. Topped out with highs in the low to mid 90s with dewpoints near 80. Not fun.

After the event was winding down Lynn twisted our arms to go for a couple of caches and get ice cream in Carlisle.

The first cache was a huge relief. It wasn’t easy and if the owner weren’t there I don’t think we’d have found it. It was a fun challenge. After feeling dizzy and over heated the past few hours I couldn’t begin to gell you how good that cool water felt!

After that we headed over towards Shippensburg to do one near the AT. It was a short walk, less than 400 feet actually. That was probably a good thing. The heat was still high and there was thunder starting to rumble all around.

I think we got out of there at the right time. On our way up 81 we were seeing tons of lightning to the east and near Carlisle we caught up with the storm. We got in to Carlisle to go to the ice cream place but that didn’t work out so well. The theme of that trip was turn around, the road is blocked by a tree. I don’t remember how many but at least 4 roads we tried were blocked. We did get pictures but they’re not downloaded off the camera yet so I’ll have to post pictures later.

Aug 212007

Hurricane Dean is a category three storm now with sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. It’s over the Yucatan now being over away from it’s fuel source it should continue to weaken until it gets back over water.

Dean made landfall as a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 165 miles per hour and gusts to 200 mph. It isn’t too often you get the chance to watch a strengthening category five hurricane make landfall. It had a minimum pressure of 906 millibars at landfall. It’s in the top ten for strongest storms in the Atlantic basin.
Hurricane Dean just before landfall

Aug 212007

Hurricane Dean is approaching the Yucatan peninsula right now and should make landfall overnight. It’s finally reached category five status with winds at 160 miles per hour. It has been fun watching it develope and strengthen.

Hopefully it doesn’t hit a very populated area of Mexico because 160 mile an hour winds can cause a lot of destruction. It’s almost enough to make me feel guilty for loving extreme weather. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much tonight. I feel the need to watch the hurricane now.

Aug 192007

Hurricane Dean is still a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds near 145 miles per hour. It should be close to Jamaica later today. Hopefully for them it wobbles a bit to the south. The storm looks very symmetric on satellite this morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes category 5 or was a category five storm at some point yesterday.

Aug 172007

Hurricane Dean is up to a category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale now with winds at 125 miles per hour. It’s expected to strengthen some more too. Dean looks pretty healthy on satellite right now.

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Aug 172007

I saw something interesting last night. Scientists have discovered that under the right conditions plasma can become organized into helical structures that can interact with each other in ways that are associated with life. The article says they can dived to from two copies of the or the original structure.

I thought this was very interesting. It reassures my belief that there is other life in the universe. I think there is life in forms that we couldn’t even imagine. They could use processes we couldn’t begin to understand. We shouldn’t be too arrogant and ignorant to actually believe Earth is the only planet with life and we’re the only intelligent life.

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Aug 162007

Molly had jury duty earlier this week in Philadelphia,pa. This is the third time she’s been called but the first time she actually had to go. We were going to get a hotel in center city but in the end we stayed at my mom’s house just outside Philly. That worked out good because I could visit with my family and she could catch the train and not have to sit in traffic.

Tuesday she ended up not having jury duty so she took a vacation day and we took the train to center city so she can see a bit of it and we could pick up a few caches. The Cornwells station has a huge parking lot and i was surprised how many people were waiting for the train. Public transportation is handy and I think SEPTA has a pretty nice system.

We picked up only 5 caches but we walked quite a bit. With Molly’s foot bothering her we stopped and took the subway back to the train station we needed to go home. Molly Misheard the announcement on the subway train and pulled me off.

The one cache that surprised me was the one hidden at jeweler’s row. I never expected to see a cache hidden there and it was a regular sized one yet! That was just too cool. It was interesting to go through there again because that was always a benchmark for how good or bad my vision was when I walked through there with my grand mom after visiting wills eye hospital. At one point I was able to see the stuff in the windows as separate specks of light. Now it’s all just a blur.. Well with the eye I had cornea transplants on I can hardly distinguish the windows as something different from the walls. That’s kinda depressing but they tried their best.

Molly cannot wait to take the train back into Philly to cache.

It was nice to see my family too. I got to see my Brother’s son. He seems to be pretty smart for being only 2. I was happy he remembered me.

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