Jul 292007

We had near misses yesterday and last night with some awesome thunderstorms. Yesterday afternoon we had one that pretty much formed over the next town east of here. There was lots of lightning a mile or two off to the east and then a heavy shower formed right over us. Then it ended with storms still hanging to our south and west.

When I went to bed there were thunderstorms that looked good on radar along the Maryland and Pennsylvania border. Molly woke me up about 3:00 AM or so because she saw the lightning and thought I’d enjoy watching it. I went out on the porch and watched as the lightning pretty much stayed a mile or two to our east. The power went off for a few seconds but we only got a little rain.

I got woken up about 4:30 or 5:00 am by thunder again and this time it was very close lightning and really bright flashes. Turns out a small cell formed right about over us and put out some lightning and rain then weekened but it wasn’t over. We kept being on the edge of the main storms with a little rain here and there.

Down around Millersville and Lancaster seemed to get the best of it if the radar was accurate. That’s also where most of the thunder was coming from. It was the house shaking loud thunder even though it wasn’t very close to here.

The odd thing is I kept hearing thunder for over an hour when the storms were into Berks county on radar there was still distant rumbles and alot of them. It reminded me of how storms would be up the mountains where the thunder seemed to echo along the valleys.

The sun is out now and the temperature is up into the low 80s with a dew point floating around 70. That should add lots of fuel for potential thunderstorms for us later. It could help them have plenty of lightning which seems to be the theme for this summer’s storms anyways. I’m hoping for the best.

Jul 262007

This summer so far has been great. It has to be the best summer that I can remember. Gotta love the trough in the East this year. Now if only it would stick around for winter. That would be too good to be true though.

There’s been no real heat. When it does get into the 90s it’s either not all that humid or doesn’t last long. We’ve had more than one night in July where it made it down into the 50’s. The best part is it’s almost August and average temps have just about maxed and should fall soon.

There’s been plenty of chances of thunderstorms and many times we actually did get pretty good storms.

The only think that’s a bit disappointing this summer is the lack of Atlantic tropical activity. There really haven’t been any storms worth watching and tracking but there is still time for that to happen

Jul 242007

I read last night about them doing something with stem cells that would help people with cornea problems see better again. The artical said it was helpful for people who have had failed cornea transplants. I wonder if it would work for me. It’s something I would actually consider. This was just awesome news to me.

When the last cornea transplant didn’t work out so well I decided I didn’t want another transplant I thought it was better to give someone else a chance to have that cornea because it has a better chance of being successful for them than it would me.

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Jul 202007

I was hoping for some good thunderstorms today but we never ended up getting much of anything. Most of the day we were stuck under clouds from left over thunderstorms to our west last night so it didn’t allow much heating to destabilize the atmosphere. It did clear up late in the afternoon but I guess that was too little too late. We did so well with thunderstorms earlier in the year.

Might still get something tonight but probably nothing major. Can’t have them all and I am thankful for having some great storms the past two years.

At least the cold front will move through and kill the humidity. It will be nice to have lows around 60 again.

Jul 202007

Teen Girls Accused Of Setting Kitten Ablaze

What the hell is it with people who burn or otherwise torture animals? The worst part is when they think it’s funny. It’s not funny to set a kitten on fire. What would be funny is if these dumb asses burned each other then that would be more fair.

I hope they get the maximum sentence because I hate cruelty to animals. These girls can burn in hell.

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Jul 172007

I haven’t paid much attention to baseball even though I have become interested in it again for the first time since the strike in the 1990’s The main reason is because I don’t know what channel the Phillies are on with our cable channels. Just last week Molly was surfing and I saw them while she left the room with that channel on. I noticed they don’t take as long between pitches now as they used to which would make it more enjoyable to watch.

Anyways it was interesting to here that the Phillies have lost their 10,000th game. It actually surprised me that they were the first professional sports team to loos that many games because baseball has been around for so long and they have so many games in a season.

Of course it’s only fitting for a Philly team to get there first. Philadelphia teams find a way to loose.

Jul 132007

Molly gave me a Creative Zen Vision W for my birthday this year. I am impressed with how well I can see the screen. It’s bright even at 50% back light and has good contrast. That’s important to me because with my old player I could hardly see it with it’s pretty bad contrast. The screen is huge too.

I have the 60 GB version which I would’ve preffered anyways. I’ve put everything on there and still have over 10 GB to spare.

It sounds good to me too. I am picky about sounds. I wish it would play lossless compressed audio but I guess I can’t have everything. It’s just nice to be able to have all of our cds on there since finding the one I’d want by going through about 800 can be difficult for me. It’s just so nice to have them all organized and ready for me to listen to easily.

It plays movies. I don’t really have a use for that right now but it’s nice to know I can use it if I want to later. It will also display photos which is nice for me. With the pretty big screen I can see them well and zoom and with the bright back light I can see them very well.

The Zen W uses real buttons! Not a touch pad or anything like that so I can easily know what I am doing with out struggling to try to see what I am pressing. I hate how most things aren’t easy to use anymore. That’s one annoying trend that I wish would stop dead.

It’s pretty big but that doesn’t really affect me. I’ll be using it mostly at home just because it’s more convenient for me to listen to music but at the same time it’s small and portable enough that I can take it with me if I want. Molly didn’t even know it but this was the one I had picked for when I decided to get a new one.

I am looking forward to having the freedom to listen to the music I want to listen to with out the inconvenience of having to have the computer running or having to try to find the CD that I want and risk scratching them up.

One thing I am kinda disappointed with is that it needs windows to connect to the computer but I can understand why they’d do that. It would be nice if it could easily be accessed just as a removable hard drive but for as often as I’d connect it to the computer it’s not really a big deal. I do have windows and need it for the gps too.

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Jul 122007

Scientists Find Water on Extra-solar Planet

This was pretty interesting. it really doesn’t surprise me at all since Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and Oxygen is the third most abundant element. Pretty cool that they found signs of water outside of the solar system.

It’s things like this that make me really believe there is other life in the universe besides Earth. I’d be surprised if there were forms of life on Earth that we never thought were possible. After all there are forms of life that live in the bottom of the ocean where there is no sunlight. There are microbes that live in the core of nuclear reactors. All of these are places where life was thought to not be able to exist.

I hope to be alive still when life is discovered on other planets. I’d love to see some peoples reactions when we find out we’re really not that special. I wonder what the religious types would think.

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Jul 052007

We had a nice storm come through this afternoon. I wasn’t expecting much today with all the clouds in the morning and with yesterday’s disappointment still fresh in my mind. Seems like every time we get a tornado watch nothing really happens in the area. The one in 2003 that was a PDS tornado watch still sticks in my mind because hardly a storm developed that day. At least we managed to get some sun today. The sun never really came out yesterday.

On to today I was watching a few storms in Ohio then they moved into Pennsylvania. Didn’t look all that impressive on radar. They seemed like they’d miss us to the north but a line formed and moved right across. It started out with a light breeze towards the storm then I noticed a bunch of scud clouds. I didn’t want to bring the camera into the rain to get a picture. We got a nice cold rain and plenty of wind. No damage or anything like that but it shook the trees pretty good. There wasn’t much thunder or lightning.

The rain was very heavy. Picked up about 1.40 inches of rain here with .91 of that coming from the first storm. We had a less intense storm after the first one with quite a bit of distant thunder.

Jul 032007

I have a Nintendo Wii which I love to play but just don’t use it that often. Being visually impaired I have to sit up close to the TV to play and it’s pretty uncomfortable. Still it’s lots of fun. I just had the urge to play Zelda. I don’t get to play as often as I’d like.

Last Sunday we were home from geocaching and Molly wasn’t watching TV so I thought I’d play for a bit. I went to turn it on.. Nothing. Unplugged it for a bit and tried again. Still nothing.

That was when Molly reminded me her answering machine stopped working last week after the thunderstorms. I guess we have another victim of the close lightning strikes. Hopefully they’ll fix it. I wonder if any of our other electronics are dead and we haven’t noticed yet.

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