Jun 292007

Mysterious Clouds Creeping Out of the Arctic

This was interesting. It talks about Noctilucent clouds being seen further south than they normally are. Yet another very cool thing up in the arctic that I want to see. I only first read about these 50 mile high clouds this week.

The article mentioned the climate changing but it was nice for a change because they didn’t go on with the doomsday global warming stuff.

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Jun 292007

Did you ever lose touch with a friend and wish you didn’t? I always considered the vision teacher I had through out most of school a real friend but when I graduated I lost touch with her even though I had her phone number. I’m not sure why. My best guess I was pretty depressed at the time.

Well anyways she was just one of those great people. She was a positive influence on me. I am thankful to have had her as a vision teacher and would love to somehow find her again to thank her. She’d probably like geocaching too.

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Jun 282007

Yesterday was hot and humid. I know I’ve seen many days that were much worse but yesterday seemed pretty rough. I guess I’m just not used to this. When I lived near Philly there were days where it was around 100 and dew point in the 70s or even close to 80.

In the afternoon we were missed to the north and to the south by thunderstorms that prompted server thunderstorm warnings. I still had some hope we might get something but didn’t think it was very likely. When I didn’t expect it I got startled by thunder so I went outside to watch another vivid lightning show. Wasn’t as bad as last week but wasn’t weak either. It was a nice surprise. I think the core of the lightning part of the storm was just tow our souh. It was interesting that the lightning was closest after the rain stopped this time.

The storms with lots of vivid cloud to ground lightning seem to be the theme of this year. I can’t really remember having so much lightning so many times.

Today looks pretty good for storms to develop with the approaching cold front. Should be fun. Hopefully it doesn’t interfere with us going to 4th Thursday over in York but it probably will.

Jun 272007

With the news lately it leaves me to wonder why in the world are celebrities so important in the United States. This crap is important enough that some rich person who has done nothing goes to jail and it’s national news. I never understood the obsession with Paris Hilton.

I mean why does anyone really care? Why does anyone care who went into rehab. I know people who needed rehab and couldn’t get it but celebrities can come and go as they please.

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Jun 252007

Molly was watching tv in bed last night while I was on the computer not really paying a whole lot of attention to it until I heard them say central Pa. It was a show about the Gosselin family who had sextuplets. I had to Google it to see if it was the family I remembered being in the news a few years ago and it was.

I remembered them mentioning some sort of fertility treatment for her. We’ll evidently it worked because she had six babies. I had to laugh when I saw Google brought up their website. It was ironic when I saw them saying god did this and god did that. Wouldn’t god have made her not be able to have a baby with out fertility treatments for a reason? I just think it’s sort of funny how selectively people use god. This is the biggest reason why I find it hard to believe in religion.

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Jun 242007

This is pretty cool. On June 22 there was a trace of snow on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. I know they’ve had snow every month of the year but I just that it was something worth mentioning. I wish I could’ve been there.

Mount Washington is one of those places I want to visit. Being the highest point in the North East US and all. Oh and I can’t forget the extreme weather. Until then I’ll continue to check their web cam.

Jun 222007

Pa. smoking ban

I’m not sure I really agree with the government banning smoking in public places. I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes smoke myself and would prefer to not be around the smoke. I just don’t think it’s quite right for them to pass a law to make public places like bars smoke free. That should be up to the owner. Of course I’m all for the government banning smoking in government owned places.

I would leave a place if there was too much smoke for myself and remember to not return there. I am happy most place go do not allow smoking but it should be up to the owner of the establishment. I think that people shouldn’t smoke because it’s not good for them or those who are around them.

I think people have a right to smoke if they choose and if an establishment is willing to allow it it should be up to them. I can’t understand my self why anyone would want to smoke. It would be a bit ironic to ban smoking in bars since people normally go there and drink alcohol which is something else that tends to be bad for you and can effect others around you a lot faster than smoking.

Jun 222007

It was around this time in 1972 that the remnants of Hurricane Agnes impacted the area. I’ve always been interested in that storm.

The storm made landfall over Florida on June 19th and then moved northeast and weakened to a tropical depression. It became a tropical storm again over North Carolina and moved made another landfall near New York City on June 22.

It produced 6 to 12 inches of rain in Pennsylvania. with locally more. It caused plenty of flooding in the area. The Susquehanna River flooded and threatened the Conowingo Dam. The water rose to within 5 inches of the top.

We’ve had similar amounts of rain since then but never anything close to the results of Agnes. It’s been dry before the more recent heavy rainfall event unlike Agnes which it hadn’t been dry before the event.

Jun 222007

Today was the summer solstice. Today the sun reached it’s highest point in the northern hemisphere and will begin sinking back to the south. The days will start getting shorter and in a month or two the average temperature will begin to fall.

We’ll begin that slow slide until it’s that time of the year for snow possibilities again. I can’t wait!

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Jun 212007

I over heard President Bush on the tv this morning. I sorta. I heard him talk about embryonic stem cell research. I’m not at all surprised he vetoed the bill that would allow research.

I had to sort of laugh to my self when I heard him say something about moral values. I am not sure he even knows what that means considering some of his ideas.

It’s sad to know that he’s unwilling to do something that has the potential to help so many people.

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