May 162007

Wood chips ruled unfriendly to disabled kids

A judge in California ruled that using wood chips around playground equipment violates disabled children’s rights. The article says that this could force them to have to use a different type of playground surface. I’m all for accessibility but I think this is unreasonable that the play structures be accessible to them. I just can’t imagine how someone in a wheel chair is really going to use it.

They want the school to replace the wood chips with that rubber stuff which would cost 8 times as much. That’s why I just don’t think it is reasonable.

Everyone has limitations. Everyone is not going to be able to do everything. I know what it’s like to not be able to do something, I wanted to play baseball as a kid like my brothers all did but I realized that it wasn’t going to happen because I can’t see well enough.

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May 162007

I was going through channels and came across the weather channel. I didn’t think this channel could get any worse than it was but it did. I know that most people are not interested in the details of weather like I am but how can they call them selves the weather channel when about the only thing the have on that has anything to do with weather is the local forecast which is pretty shitty as it is. I try to avoid this channel unless I need to laugh but it’s hard to even do that anymore.

When I was still in middle school and we first got cable I was thrilled because of the weather channel. I learned alot and they actually had some people who knew what they were talking about then. I just don’t understand how people cannot care about the how and whys of things we all deal with every day. Around that time I used to wake up at 5:30 AM or what ever time it was to watch AM Weather on PBS too.

When there was interesting weather happening someplace they used to talk about it. Now unless it’s a tornado or something effecting the North East United states they don’t care. Thankfully there is more and better information available on the internet and it’s missing the annoying people talking about it even though they have no idea what they’re talking about.

I used to look forward to turning it on to see Paul Kocin’s thoughts on a nor easter or to see John Hope’s thoughts on tropical systems.

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May 132007

The other day the guy that owns the house a couple down from ours told Molly about him and his dad visiting a ghost town in western PA. It reminded me of a few things.

The first thing I thought of was a couple of years ago when Lynn and I were geocaching in NW PA we visited a virtual cache that had to do with Pithole City. We didn’t get to explore the area because it was getting dark and we had like a six hour ride back home. The other thing is I think it was a state park and they close at dusk.

Pithole was a boom town when oil wells were drilled in Pa. At one time 15,000 people lived there but now everything is gone. I do hope to get back up there someday and explore it more.

The other thing I thought of were the old coal towns that were left in the area where I went to the mountains. There was one little village type of thing that I was told was called Green Mountain or maybe it was Green Valley. There were still foundations there but My friend said when the mining stopped people took the wood from their houses with them to rebuild someplace else. I’m just interested in this sort of thing. They’re supposed to build an airport on this area or close to it now so I wouldn’t think there is even any access to it anymore.

I also love seeing the left over mining equipment and stuff like that. I just try to imagine what this sort of stuff was like in it’s day.

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May 112007

Earlier this afternoon it was looking good for strong thunderstorms to move in. A nice line had developed to our west but we ran out of daylight and heating by the time they got here. Just some rain and not even any lightning or thunder. Well actually there was a bit of thunder and it seemed like a storm was going to move in but then the thunder stopped and the sky brightened. Radar showed cells weakening.

The storms that did form were slow moving and prompted a flash flood warning in Cumberland county. There’s always another day.

May 102007

Double lives

There was an article in the Sunday paper about Long’s Park in Lancaster. It was funny in that it mentioned “pickle parks” and men backing into parking spots.

I really have no problem with gay men picking up other gay men even in parks but I don’t think it’s quite right for them to do it in a park, especially one like this park where people bring their kids to play. They’re likely not threats to the kids but parents don’t know that and I wouldn’t blame them for being nervous to see a strange man sitting in his car alone near a playground.

That sort of thing probably helps give being gay a bad name to some people. I think they really get a bad name when other things happen like sex and that sort of thing happen in the park. Some of the bathrooms in the park had to be closed because of people having sex in them.. I can’t understand why anyone would want to have sex in public bathrooms but that’s just me.

I really don’t care if some one is straight or gay. I don’t want or think it’s right for them to have sex in a park. They should just go home or get a room or something. Gay people get the attention but I’m sure there’s plenty of straight people that do it to.

Breezy view at Chickies Rock County park seems to be a pickle park too. Near and after dark when we were coming out of the woods a bit late from caching we’d always see men backed into parking spots sitting in their cars.

I don’t really care whether someone’s gay or straight or anything else. They should just do what ever they want as long as it’s consensual. Public parks just aren’t the right place to do it.

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May 082007

We stopped by Long’s park Saturday and ate supper at one of the picnic tables. After we ate we walked around the pond to see if there were any baby geese or ducks. I knew they got rid of most of them and stopped people from feeding them but we figured we’d look anyway. No babies around.

They got rid of them because of them shitting on the ground. What was amazing is how much more trash there is laying around the park. I used to be surprised how little trash there was before. That has really changed. Now there is trash laying all over and all kinds of stuff floating in the pond. I don’t know if the ducks and geese at the trash or if people just got messier. It was just disgusting to see how much crap was in the water.

It reminded me of parks near Philly where I grew up. People in that area just throw trash anywhere.

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May 052007

Friday we tried to place a cache on an island in the middle of a creek but we just weren’t going to be able to make it work. It was way too close to another one. We had fun trying though. Molly wanted to try to avoid the mud that sucks your feet in so waded downstream as the water got deeper. Finally she ended up having to swim while I held the gpsrs above the water. I couldn’t beleive how warm the water was.

Today we went caching along the south eastern Lancaster county boarder. We still love the southern part of the county. This is probably my favorite part of the county. There’s tons of history and not too many people.

We did a couple of caches near Octoraro Lake. We’d never really checked it out before. It’s a really nice area actually but it’s ashame how much trash there is. People are slobs. They just through trash on the ground where ever they are. There was even a pile of trash a few feet from the trash can. I can’t understand why people are so damn lazy.

We also went to a a cache on the Alexander King Nature preserve. That place had some interesting history. An earlier finder posted directions to a couple remnants from when they made charcoal for Hopewell Furnace (I think.) It was a ncie walk in the woods. I’m always interested in checking out old stuff like that and I consider us lucky to live in an area that has so much history.

May 032007

My grand mom came up to visit last weekend and she brought some old report cards of mine that she had found in her house. They were from elementary school. That was when I still liked school. That whole thing reminded me of the time when I stopped liking school.

It changed in sixth grade. I didn’t realize my good eye had gotten worse but the doctor said I should have another cornea transplant so I put my name on the waiting list. Sometime in the middle of that school year they called my mom saying they had one for me.

When I went the Wills Eye Hospital where I had always gone. The doctor. did not want me to go to school for 2 weeks after the surgery. Actually I was not supposed to do much of anything.

When I went back to school I had one teacher who took me aside and told me how he knew I was faking it. He knew I just didn’t want to wear glasses even though I was wearing ugly safety glasses to protect my eye. The other choice was some eye shield thing. He also knew how I just wanted a vacation and I didn’t have eye surgery. It should have been a great time because I was seeing things I had never been able to see.

He really was an ass but I didn’t realize it at that time. He was the only teacher that never got anything to my vision teacher to be enlarged and didn’t want to let me go to the room in the school where my CCTV was because I might cheat. It was fair to make me struggle and take longer trying to read something that was difficult because he was too lazy to get things enlarged.

His answer to me not being able to see the blackboard was for me to stand up right in front of it to copy his notes exactly. That was good because I’d have the rest of the class telling me to move so they could see it. It made sense to him..

He’d also say he knows that glasses would help but I just didn’t want to wear them. I never told anyone because I was stupid enough to believe his crap.

My vision teacher found out and she was pissed. Actually I think she was more upset than anything. I think she talked to him or something because he backed off a little bit. I think I brought a doctor’s note directly to him. I really wish I had stayed in touch with her. She was a great person and a true friend. He would still tell me how he knew I was faking it to get out of doing the work.

After that I hated school. I enjoyed learning and would always be chapters ahead of the class but still did crappy in school because I didn’t care. I’d only learn want I wanted on my own and only did enough of the work to pass.

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