Apr 262007

Looks like there is at least a chance of strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow in this area. I have not looked at the weather myself that much lately but I caught it on the news this morning. That would be cool to have some great storms Friday.

Last year we had some awesome storms in the area and I hope that happens this year too! We actually had more hail than I could remember seeing in 2006 and plenty of wind, I don’t really like seeing peoples homes get damaged and stuff like that but I do enjoy seeing the powerful storms.

A great thing about the internet is there is so much information available about weather. Before I got online I was stuck watching TV for the information and at that time the best available source was the weather channel. That wasn’t very helpful even then but I had to take what I could get. I’ve learned so much just by lurking places. It all started when I discovered the ne.weather newsgroup. Since then I’ve moved on to some weather boards.

Apr 242007

Last Saturday I had to go to an ATM at a fairly new store. The screen on the thing was different the older ones. It seemed to be an LCD or something like that and had lots of glare. You had to look at it from just the right angle but with me not being able to seel very well I was too close or something. I had a hard time reading it which was pretty annoying. It’s disappointing when newer technology is harder to use. I’d rather have the old green text on a black background instead of pretty colors with less than great contrast on a type of screen that makes things worse.

Apr 242007

I’m still using DesktopBSD and still pretty happy with it. Actually it makes using the computer a lot of fun again. It’s fun learning something new and fun remembering and relearning all the different things I remember reading about UNIX. The way things are done are just more interesting to me. The things I had read are coming back to me and making a bit more sense now. I wish I had done this 10 years ago.

When I am not in a hurry to do something I try stuff with the command line to learn more about it. Being visually impared that seems like the better solution to do some things for me anyways. It’s less visual. I tend loose the mouse more times than I care to think about when using a graphical interface.

Something isn’t quite right with the windows partionion on my computer and i haven’t bothered to reinstall windows. I haven’t needed it except for one program which I just use the laptop for. I decided to not repair it so that I am forced to stick with BSD and use it for everything. If a few months down the line it doesn’t work out for me then I know I gave it a fair chance and could go back to windows but I don’t really see that happening.

I have not managed to break anything so bad that I couldn’t fix it. It’s been completely stable for me unless I did something to break it. It pretty much just works for me and does everything I need or want. I appreciate having this available to me and hope to someday be able to give back.

I also love the fact that the FreeBSD handbook is online. It’s been useful and something I’ve enjoyed reading through. I will read it again and study it. I think that is the best feature there is.

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Apr 242007

How many times can you rob the same place and get away with it? For two stupid people 3 times in a week was too many. The robbed Cyber Warehouse last Tuesday and Wednesday. I heard about it on the news last night and couldn’t help but to laugh.

Why would someone go back to the same place three times in a week. Wouldn’t they think the police might be watching? When they were Friday night the police were there and caught them. Just thought it was interesting and funny at the same time.

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Apr 192007

The other day at Virginia Tech. A few people are already trying to blame video games. It’s ridiculous to try to blame someone on doing something like killing 30 people on something totaly unrelated like video games. People will blame it on anything they can. I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything from the anti gun people yet.

Nothing or no one but the Cho himself should be blamed. Other factors could have driven him to do it but in the end he’s the one that made the decision and went through with it.

The sad part is he couldn’t just kill himself. He had to kill 30 other people first. I feel that If you want to go and kill yourself feel free but is it really necessary to ruin so many other people’s lives?

It was a sad thing that happened but that’s just part of life sometimes. It would be tough on the families of the victims.

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Apr 162007

An intense spring nor easter is occurring right now. We had a couple of inches of rain here yesterday but no flooding. My parent’s area near Philly probably had more than 5 inches of rain. My mom said the Neshaminy creek was flooded and last night the Poquessing creek near their house was up into people’s yards. I’ve read a few rivers in New Jersey are expected to have record flooding.

Today it’s pretty windy with some light rain rotating i from the east. Maybe after dark that’ll change to snow. There probably wouldn’t be any accumulation but it is the middle of April so I’ll take what we get. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like if this storm would have happened a couple of months ago. I do think there may have been a little bit of accumulating snow in Chester county.

It’s been a fun storm to watch. It got pretty deep. The pressure in the storm made it down to at least 29.60 inches. Here we got down to around 29.01 inches this morning when the storm was off the New Jersey coast. Mount Washington’s max wind today was 150 MPH.

I thought the wind would be worse here than it is. it’s been windy but nothing really damaging. The scanner has been quieter than I expected. It actually sounds fairly calm outside at the moment.

Apr 102007

Last Saturday Lynn called us and asked if we wanted to go caching with her. We decided to go. We went up along 61 in the mountains of Central Pa. We’d love to get up there more but Molly’s car opposes hills let alone the steeper stuff up there. It was a fun day with a few snow squalls. Pretty cool for being early April!

We ended up near Centralia so we stopped in to see the cracked road. Molly and I had run out of time last time we were up there and didn’t get the chance to see it. Centralia is always an interesting place to visit and had wanted to see it from when I was a little kid. I finally got to see it when we started geocaching.

It’s amazing to me that a fire can burn underground for so long. It’s been burning since the 1960s. I’ve read they’ve tried to put it out but never had any success and now it would cost too much to extinguis it and there are no plans to put it out.

What really stands out is that there still are a few people that live in the old town. I hope to get back there this summer and explore a bit more. There’s more information about Centralia at Centralia Pennsylvania

Here’s the best picture we got of the crack in the road.

Apr 072007

I’ve been using Vonage since December 2002 and have been happy with it. I’ve never had a problem with it. This was the perfect solution for me because I could have a phone number for the Philly area where my family lives so they could call me local and it was cheap for me. I’m worried I’ll have to look for another option soon. Verizon claims that vonage uses their patented ideas.

I don’t miss the high bills I used to get from verizon when I had a landline in Philly when I lived there. Especially not when we moved and I had to wait two weeks to get my phone line changed. It took them three visits to finally get it working because of bad lines. They still charged me for a full month of service even though I had no phone most of the month.

Hopefully this doesn’t kill Vonage. I’ve gotten used to their service. It has always just worked for me. When we moved to this house the land line didn’t work. It was all static and we had to wait for the phone company to fix it. Vonage worked as soon as the cable was hooked up. Hopefully they stick around so I don’t have to look for something else.

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Apr 062007

It’s April 6th. Looking at the radar there are plenty of lake effect snow showers and squalls across the state. We’ve had snow showers off and on all morning. Nothing is sticking to the ground but the ground is pretty warm and it is April.

There will be a storm and south of here should actually get some snow. That’s not too common. Winter just doesn’t want to give up after it didn’t want to start.

Apr 052007

Stupid Teenagers

I just had to comment on this. If I were to do something ilegal like break into someone’s house I would do everything I could to not leave any evidence. I wouldn’t want to get caught. Not everyone is so smart though.

In Kentucky four teenagers broke into a house and then posted video clips of it on My space. I should know by not that that site tends to bring out the stupid in people but this is pretty bad. You have to share the evidence with the world? They probably did it for attention. It’s very comforting to know we have such a bright future generation.

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