Mar 072007

This strange winter is continuing.  It started out as the winter that seemed like it would never get cold.  This continued until late January when we got our first Arctic blast.  We stayed well below normal for most of February then it warmed up for a few days.  Once more we are in the Arctic air.  It’s not to shabby for being march either.  It stayed in the 20s today after a low in the teens last night.

The NWS in state college is saying 2 to 4 inches of snow Wednesday with a high in the mid 20s.  Should  make for fun day to listen to the scanner. I have my doubts whether we’ll get that much snow from a clipper but I’m hoping for the best.

  One Response to “Snow in March is Always good”

  1. Hey what’s going on here? It’s been a week now! SNOW??? It was in the 70’s today!….

    Okay maybe it’s time to switch back to windows OS huh?….LOL…Just kidding Carl….

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