Mar 312007

We hid a cache at Chickies Rock county park a few days ago. Knowing where it is we can see the location from the overlook trail so we decided to stop in and go out to the overlook and see if any cachers were there. We ran into iBrew. It was nice to see him. We then headed out to the overlook to watch the sun set. Here’s a picture.

Sunset at Chickies Rock overlook

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Mar 282007

A Driver who is legally blind (yes a legally blind driver) entered a pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle. He ran over a Penn State professor who was riding a bike. Anyways what the hell was this guy doing driving? I don’t know what how it effected him but Fry’s eye doctor said his left eye had 20/200 vision and with the other eye he could just count fingers and that eye was 3/200. This means in his good eye he would have to be 20 feet from something that people with normal eyes can see at 200 feet. It doesn’t sound very safe to me.

I understand it’s inconvenient to not drive as I’m legally blind myself but Even if I could get a license or wanted to drive I wouldn’t let myself because it would be unsafe and unfair to other people I might hit.

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Mar 282007

Today is the 27th anniversary of the accident at Three Mile island. For some strange reason I can remember them talking about it on the news even though I was only 4 and still lived in the Philly area. I didn’t understand it but I remember hearing them talk about it. I’ve always been interested in what happend and have read about it a bit on the web.

Sometimes I wonder what the area would look like if the radiation had escaped and effected the area. It would be interesting to see what would happen over the years to an area that people abandoned. I am glad it didn’t happen though because it would have messed up many people’s lives.

Mar 282007

The calendar says March 27th but it feels more like April 27th. It almost feels hot out today. I’m not used to temperatures in the 80s. Earlier this afternoon radar showed what looked like some thunderstorms west of here in the mountains and a few showers popped up closer to home. The even had a severe thunderstorm warning in western Pa.

It’s nice to know we’ll be getting some thunderstorms soon. I love snow but thunderstorms are my favorite weather phenomenon. I would love to watch storms pop up in the Rocky Mounts where I could actually have the chance to watch one form.

It’s hard to believe that a little over a week ago we had more than six inches of snow. Gotta love spring.

Mar 272007

I saw this today and thought it was pretty unusual. I can’t remember ever hearing of two people being killed at the same spot at separate times before. It happened in Rhode Island

The first teen supposedly had been drinking then took his mom’s mini van and left. He was only 14. Its pretty bad he was that young and drinking and managed to take his mom’s car but that’s not really important. Later that night his friend was playing guitar at the spot where the first teen was killed and he was hit and killed by a hit and run driver. I hope they catch the person that killed him but it probably wasn’t a good idea to be on the side of a road at 4 am when drunks and people too tired to be driving are out.

Life is short and will probably end sooner than you expect or hope so enjoy life!

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Mar 222007

Community Suggests Gun Possession Is Illegal For Residents

I just saw this and thought it was pretty interesting and bullshit at the same time. It seems this Home owners association thought they should not allow residents to have guns on their property. This is a good example of why I’d never want to have to deal with one of these HOA. I really wouldn’t want someone else telling me what I can and cannot do on my own property. Laws or enough..

Oh yeah and by not allowing people to have guns really will help with crimes. The laws about guns sure help a lot. People don’t get shot with illegal guns every day at all do they? Since they obey so many laws of course they’ll follow a home owner’s association’s rules I’m sure.

I don’t personally own a gun and don’t really plan to own one but I do have the right and wouldn’t let some stupid home owner’s association take the right away from me. HOAs can burn in hell. I really wouldn’t want to live anyone near people who think they should control what their neighbors can and cannot do.

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Mar 152007

Molly has been wanting to use her camera and I remembered hearing about the snow geese at Middle Creek on the news the night before so I asked her if she wanted to go check it out. There just happened to be a new cache on the way so we got a FTF on the way.

The game commission estimates 180,000 of them have been there. I’ve never seen so many birds on one place. They were not as loud as I expected. I was surprised but it was neat hearing them all.

It was interesting to see them take off and go into formation. It seemed like thousands flew at once but it didn’t seem to make a difference to the way the lake looked. It was still covered with birds.

I had read about it before when I first moved here when loking for things for us to do but we never got over there.
I’m glad we got over there. Even though we didn’t go over there for geocaching we probably would have never went if we didn’t cache because we’ve been there before for caching and knew how to get there. I’m disappointed Molly didn’t take the pictures off her camera yet so I can’t post any.

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Mar 152007

I’ve had no updates in a bout a week because I’ve been busy installing and setting up DesktopBSD which is based on FreeBSD. I’ve also been reading through the FreeBSD handbook. The best FreeBSD handbook is the best documentation for an operating system I’ve ever read.

I like this operating system. I’ve only used windows once this week and that was to check out something that was flash which is no big deal. It isn’t something I need but would be nice to have it working. I haven’t been able to get flash to work yet. I think I’ll be sticking with it. It reminds me of all the books I’d read about Unix when I was in high school and college. It’s been fun learning something new.

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Mar 072007

This strange winter is continuing.  It started out as the winter that seemed like it would never get cold.  This continued until late January when we got our first Arctic blast.  We stayed well below normal for most of February then it warmed up for a few days.  Once more we are in the Arctic air.  It’s not to shabby for being march either.  It stayed in the 20s today after a low in the teens last night.

The NWS in state college is saying 2 to 4 inches of snow Wednesday with a high in the mid 20s.  Should  make for fun day to listen to the scanner. I have my doubts whether we’ll get that much snow from a clipper but I’m hoping for the best.