Feb 232007

We’re having chicken pot pie for supper today. Not the stuff you get in the store. The Amish kind with the home made noodles. If you’ve never had it you have to try it. It’s starting to smell good. I really do like Molly’s pot pie better than the store bought kind even though I like that too.

It’s interesting how they are completely different things but have the same name. The local type doesn’t resemble anything that would make me think of a pie so I wonder where it got it’s name. At least the other kind looks a bit like a pie. Can’t wait to start eating it.

Feb 232007

York County Geocaching Society‘s Fourth Thursday was a great time last night. We have to be thankful in this area for all the DoverDoggs do for caching. They plan these monthly events that so many people enjoy.

They had the meeting at Ryan’s Family Steakhouse in Hanover Pa. That food was good! I want more. There’s a bunch of caches in that area that we haven’t found but we got too late of a start to find any yesterday. We’re already looking forward to the next time.

Feb 222007

The past few days have been warm and today we had a bit of rain a little before noon.  It got pretty dark outside.  It seemed like it would be a thunderstorm.  It’s getting close to the time of the year when they start.  I hope this year is as good for thunderstorms as last year.

We didn’t have a lot of storms last year but the ones we had were very good ones with lots of lightning.  Plenty of hail and very strong winds.  There was plenty of tree damage last summer in town and there’s still a broken branch stuck hanging in out back yard.  Hope we get good ones this year.

Feb 212007

I guess the ice will be melting today.  As of 11:00 AM it’s already in the low 40’s,  Yesterday it got up to near 50 degrees.  It feels like spring and the sky looks like spring.  It’s a pretty big change compared to what we’ve had so far this month.

The warmth is working on the snow on the ground pretty quickly The piles of snow are really holding their own.  I assume they’ll be around for a while because they’re really just masses of ice.

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Feb 212007

Teen ‘sport killings’ of homeless on the rise

It supposedly started off as a game. The started throwing sticks and leaves at a homeless man after having a couple of beers with him. Then they started punching and kicking the homeless man. They also threw rocks and bricks at him and pounded him with a pipe and baseball bat. After that one of them smeared his own shit on the man’s face and cut him with a knife to see if he’s dead…

The part that disturbs me is that one of them said it reminded him of playing a violent video game. The only problem is he doesn’t have a very good grip on reality. Video games are not real. Killing some one is. You shouldn’t be killing anyone. But then again you shouldn’t be smoking pot or drinking when your 15 16 or 17 like they were. I’m sure this will help the people

I would imagine that the blame will try to be shifted by some onto the video games and the alcohol.  Anyone can see that they are just assholes and maybe now they’ll learn not to be one. I wonder if it would have reminded them of a video game if the homeless guy had fought back and injured or killed one of them.  At least the teens didn’t get away with it.

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Feb 182007

Mummified body found in front of blaring TV

A mummified body was found sitting sitting in front of a blaring TV.  He had been dead for over a year.  It’s just strange that someone can be dead for over a year and no one noticed. He was only noticed because of a broken water pipe.  The other wierd thing is the electricity wasn’t turned off.

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Feb 182007

About 4 years ago we had the first big snow storm I remembered in a while and the first one I experienced after moving the Mount Joy. I remember two unusual things about that storm.

It was very cold through out and the barometer stayed high. The temperature stayed around 10 degrees the whole time. I didn’t remember experiencing that before. It wasn’t windy at all and very quiet outside.

We ended up with a little over 2 feet of very dry and powdery snow. It was a bit unervering knowing that our landlord was too cheap to fix the roof at that time and the ceiling was slowly falling apart from all the leaks. According to him everyone’s roof was leaking from the snow.. I wish that would happen again soon.

Feb 182007

We ended up getting about six inches of very compact sleet and snow in this storm. It started out with 3 to 4 inches of snow then heavy sleet all night then it warmed up to 33 degrees with sleet and rain. A few ours later the temperature dropped and eventually reached the single digits at night. Everything froze as solid as a rock and is still that way. This is the first time I remember being able to walk on top of the snow.

Many of the back roads are still covered with ice. Even I 81 and I 78 have been closed for more than a day thanks to the ice.

We went and checked out the Susquehanna river today. Couldn’t park in many places but we were able to go to Wrightsville and find a place to park. The river is frozen over with snow on top. The broken chunks of ice seemed to be pretty thick now. It should be interesting to watch the river as it warms up.  Molly took some pictures but I can’t post any since she didn’t take them off her camera.  Maybe tomorrow.

Feb 142007

The snow I had hoped for yesterday into today wasn’t as much as I’d hoped for.  It started as snow yesterday with the temperature falling into the mid 20’s.  Last night it changed to sleet with a little rain mixed in and the temperature dropped to  around 19.  I got woken up a few times from the noise of the sleet hitting the windows.  Thankfully we didn’t have ice.  It looks awesome in an ice storm but it causes way too much damage.

Suposably it will change back to snow today and we’ll get a bit of snow on top this mess and  get windy.  We should reach the single digits to night.  This storm has reminded me of the winter of 1993-1994 when we had a few ice storms near Philly.

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Feb 122007

I was reading about Redfield New York.  They have had 12 feet 2 inches of lake effect snow in New York. I can not even comprehend that much snow but would love to see it. One of my dreams is to be at Tug Hill plateau during lake effect snows. That area usualy gets 25 feet of snow a year.