Jan 312007

Sex Crazy?

A church in North Carolina has that on a sign for some series they’ll have to deal with sex in today’s culture. This isn’t something you see too often.

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Jan 292007

Barbaro the Kentucky Derby winning horse died today. It was breaking news.. I like animals but why was a horse dying so important? I assumed he ws going to die sooner or later?

Why was it even important enough to be newsworthy all this time? I am just surprised that he became such big news when there’s so many other more important things going on.

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Jan 282007

Not that I’d really want one anyway since I’d want a phone that’s pretty much just a phone.

Being visually impaired  and thinking of those who and might want one I am surprised a company will eliminate so many users.  It would be pretty difficult to use with no keys. I’d imagine there’d be no way to tell if I’m touching the right spot with it being just a touch screen. It just wouldn’t be very useable for me or anyone else who has vision problems.  It seems to be common thing these days to see products from many companys to be more concerned with looks than functionality. 

I’ll be curious to see how it works out for people with 20/20 vision even because my guess is you’ll have to look at it to do anything.  So much for using it while driving I guess or will it be just another distraction?

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Jan 282007

It’s been cold for the past week or so after being mild all winter. I’m getting tired of it being cold with no real snow. We’re just wasting the cold air.

Winter’s not over yet. Maybe we may still have some snow but I don’t have much hope.

Jan 272007

I’ve been reading about the new Delorme PN-20 gps. It looks pretty interesting. It comes with Delorme’s USA Topo 6.0. The gps can show aerial photos too. Just seems real interesting to me.

The couple of reviews I’ve read on it say it isn’t perfect but at least they’re adding something a bit different. I hope this becomes the norm by the time I need a new gps.

Jan 262007

Saw on the news last night that thieves stole copper pipes from a vacant house. They took water and gas lines from the basement. What grabbed my attention is the fact that neighbors smelled the gas from the leak. I’m hoping the people who stole the pipes are working on becoming a Darwin award winner.

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Jan 252007

There was an article the other day saying that if you microwave a sponge for two minutes it kills the germs on it. Apparently some people who tried it didn’t realize that if the sponge isn’t wet it can catch fire and stink up their house..

The university that said you could sterilize the sponge in the microwave releasd a statement saying the sponge should be wet first. Maybe everyone shouldn’t be expected to realize this but what really stood out is this “Last, people should be careful when removing the sponge from the microwave as it will be hot.”

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Jan 252007

Molly wanted disc 4 of season 24 last night so she could finish watching it. She didn’t realize she saw it before and thought netflix had skipped sending that one for some reason.

Well she wanted it now so she stopped at Blockbuster on the way home. I think she paid $4.50 to rent it. I thought that seemed like a lot. I guess I’m just used to paying only $19 something for netflix to have 3 moves at a time for as long as I want. We usually get new movies within 2 days of when we send one back.

Hope she never goes back to Blockbuster.  We never tried Blockbuster’s online service.. that may be ok.  Netflix has been great for us so no point in changing.

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Jan 252007

It’s finally feeling like winter around here. The weather has been pretty mild except for the last week when we finally got near normal. It has felt cold just from not being used to it.

Today an arctic cold front is suposed to move through the area. Doesn’t really seem that impressive for us but this year I’ll take anything we can get. Maybe even some snow sqalls today. We’ll see what happens..