Nov 192006

Alt-Text for Links – Displays the url of the link in a popup. I find this handy because I know ahead of time where the link is taking me.

Download Status bar – This extension keeps track of downloads and shows the information in the status bar.

Enhanced History Manager – This basically is an advanced history manager for Firefox.

Forcastfox – Shows weather information in the statusbar of your browser.

Greasemonkey – This is a very useful plugin that allows you to modify webpages on the fly using user scripts. They can add or edit elements of a page to make it more useful or less cluttered.

IE Tab – This extension allows you to open up a link in a tab that uses internet explorer to show the web page in a tab. It’s usefu for those sites that just don’t seem to work in firefox or those ones that require Internet explorere. I rarely use it but it’s nice to know it’s just a click away in those rare situations when I need it.

Image Zoom – This firefox extension allows you to zoom any image on a page. I find this handy with those annoying graphic captchas.. With out this extension there would be a lot more sites that I am not able to use.

PDF Download – Using this handy extension gives you the choice to download a PDF file rather than display it in Firefox itself.

Tab Mix Plus – This adds more options for tabbed browsing. One of my favorite additions is the option to show a download progress bar for each tab.

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Nov 132006

This “mother” was arguing with the child’s father and picked the kid up and threw him out in the street. I guess it’s fair to the kid to throw him..

What I find disturbing is that she’s not being charged with child abuse. I don’t think she should be allowed near any child and certainly not be able to have any more of her own.

Some people just aren’t fit to have children. She’s a good example of one of them.

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Nov 132006 Brazil a women shot six times in the head lived when her ex husband shot her.. I think it’s pretty amazing that she lived. I just wonder how all six bullets could avoid going into her brain and killing her.

I wonder what her ex husband thinks knowing that she lived.  If I were him the one thing going through my head is I wouldn’t want to piss her off.  You can’t kill her.. She must be a tough bitch!

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Nov 122006

It’s usually not a good idea to launch fireworks from your ass like this guy did. Part of me thinks it’s funny when stupid people pay for their stupidity.

Another part of me thinks that this is really not good. When people aren’t capable of thinking things through enough to realize fire near their ass is probably a bad idea and do something like this it scares me knowing that we live in a world full of them.

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Nov 082006

I just thought it was a bit interesting when I read about this. A woman died in Kentucky after being bit by a snake at a church. Apparently at her church they handle snakes which is illegal in Kentucky.

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Nov 072006

The website for Burger King ( has to be the worst site I’ve come across in a long time in terms of usability. I have to wonder why they built it completely out of flash, unless there’s something I missed.

Molly thought it was a pain to use her self and her vision is fine. She was trying to find nutritional information. I asked her to see if she could find a text only version but she didn’t see any info about one either.  I would think any big site like that would want to put at least a little work into accessibility.

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Nov 052006

According to teen points bb gun at wrong car a teenager thought it was fun to be pointing his BB gun at cars to scare people. I have to wonder if he shit his pants when two people inside pulled their real guns. It would’ve been funny to see his reaction to that and when he found out they were undercover police.

Maybe next time he’ll think twice before doing something so stupid to try to be scare people.

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Nov 022006

I’ve been seeing sites that use CAPTCHAs that are a series of letters or numbers in an image to log into a site or do other things online. Being visually impared these make it harder for me to do what I’m trying to do. There have been a few that even enlarging the image didn’t help me be able to read it.

Some of them have such poor contrast or are so distorted there’s no way I could read it. At that point I decide the site isn’t worth my time anymore. I know there are some sites that use ones with sound too but in my experiences they seem to be few and far between.

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