Jan 212014

Last year I began doing crossfit to see how that worked out for me since I have always enjoyed exercise, especially lifting. I did not know how it would work out for me due to my vision problems but I am fortunate enough to have coaches that have been patient with teaching me stuff and have good at communicating what I was doing wrong at different times.

I can pretty much do anything that we do in the WODS but a few movements give me issues.

The bane of my existence is wall balls. During the day they are ok because the day light comes in the windows and sort of lights up the area around the targets (I confirmed this by attempting and getting 50 unbroken last Saturday during open gym.) In the evening it’s a whole different story though. Due to the glare from the lights above and behind the target I catch the ball with my face several times every time we do the movement and really haven’t memorized the target enough to be able to hit it consistently. I hate wall balls. I hate Karen.

Another movement that gives me some problems is box jumps. They just get in my head a bit and sometimes I have to go from 24 inches to 20 inches when I find myself just staring at the box. With some practice this will sort it self out by giving me the confidence that I can do it.

The final thing that troubles me is running. It’s not so much the running that I dislike but I just don’t like that I don’t feel completely safe doing it due to traffic and other unknowns outside.

In general doing crossfit I believe has been the best thing I’ve done. The people at are our gym have been very encouraging as have the coaches. I feel that doing this has greatly improved me physically but also mentally and I am looking forward to seeing more possitive changes.

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Feb 142013

I’ve been noticing a trend of spam about Christianity. Even if I were a
believer I’d be annoyed by this. I hate spam. it wastes my time and costs my
bandwidth for messages that I do not want to see. All you are doing with your
spamming is making those who share your beliefs look like a spammer too.

While I am an atheist I believe in none of those fairy tales I am going to go
out on a limb and venture to guess if God did exist and wanted to spread his
word he or she would have more effective methods than spam.

Dec 302012

With the recent school shooting tragedy in Connecticut everyone has opinions about guns. There are ridiculous arguments on both sides of the issue but then again aren’t there always? I am going to post my thoughts on the one I think is the worst.

“More guns” is not a good solution to the problem. Considering the shooter’s mother’s guns were legal. Irresponsible of her to have them available to her son who was having mental issues and she was trying to get him commuted.

I can not imagine that she couldn’t have come up with a way to make it harder for him to get her guns and possibly save her and the rest of the lives.

Really ironic that she got shot with her own gun that she had for her own protection by her own family member.

Dec 302012

Well the Philadelphia Eagles’ season is not offiially over although some would say it’s been over for several months now. What a terrible year all around it has been. I cannot think of anyone who played with any sort of competence at all and there were plenty of injuries to go around. The defense was completely non existent and offense was only there to turn the ball over to the opposing team.

I am looking forward to some changes for next year. One big one will be no more Andy Reid. He’s been with them for too long.

Any one of there pathetic four wins could have just as easily been a loss this season. They got lucky to win the games they did win. I don’t think the Eagles could have done anything right this year. They made the 2012 Phillies look good.

Now is the time when I will miss the Flyers playing. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch but the damned NHL lockout is ruining that.

Dec 282012

I have to laugh at the Christians who believe Christmas is being taken away from them. Rather than being concerned about the war on Christmas why not celebrate it for what you believe it is about, the birth of Jesus, your savior.

Christians ought to be much more concerned about the commercialization of the holiday than us evil atheist taking it away from you.

Dec 272012

What happened to Slashdot? At one time it was the first site I visited in the morning. Now I just visit it once in a while since it has become so slow and bloated.

They used to have interesting news and even more interesting comments. Now all they show is old stories with the same old memes.

Dec 262012

I could eat some Senapes Pitza from Hazleton, PA. Nothing beats eating that stuff straight from the box. The crust is soft and stays pretty soft even if you let it sit out overnight. My mouth is salivating for some of that stuff.

I really wish I could pick some of it up here. Hope we can do a geocaching and Senapes Pitza road trip this spring.

Dec 262012

One of my Christmas gifts I received this year was a new hand held telescope since my old one was wearing out after 2 years.  It is the the same as the old one, a Vanguard Dm-6250 Monocular.  I just throw it in my pocket and take it where ever I go since I have low vision and it gets pretty abused.  I can’t count how many times the old one has been dropped or fallen off of the couch and still works.  It just isn’t quite as clear as it used to be and my girlfriend saw that.

It can do the close focusing which is very useful to me at times and of course does the distant focusing.  This is what I use most of the time to try to read signs or watch movies.  I use it to watch TV all the time.  It’s more comfortable to watch television sitting or laying on the couch than it was when I used to always sit practically on top of the TV.

Te build quality of these things is pretty good.   Much better than the ~100 monocular I bought a few years ago that broke when I dropped it once on the carpet.  THe replacement for that one also fogged up inside after getting it wet once and that has yet to happen with the cheaper Vanguard ones.  Granted the more expensive one was a bit clearer but a lot of good that did when they weren’t reliable.

Amazon link if you’re interested

I would suggest anyone who is visually impaired look into this brand as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive ones since it works quite well.

The rubber on the outside of it is nice compared to the slippery metal of the others I’ve had.  It makes holding it a little bit easier and less likely to slip out of my hands.  The new one seems to be a bit shorter than the old one but also seems clearer than the old one was.  The old one had a bit of glare when looking towards bright lights but the new one does not have that issue.  It was never a big deal because I don’t tend to look towards bright things.

I really dread the day that they stop making these and I have to find an alternative because it was hell trying to find one that works good for me and is as durable as the Vanguard Dm-6250 Vanguard Dm-6250 Monocular is for me.

If this is something that you think might help you or a friend or loved one check it out:
Vanguard Dm-6250 Monocular

Dec 262012

Mafia wars on Facebook is one of those things where I have to keep thinking to my self “Why didn’t I come up with that idea.”  While it seems to be dying off now a lot of people have spent a lot of money on that game.  If Zynga didn’t do such a terrible job at mishandling it I really truly believe many people would still be playing and spending a ton of cash on it.

I think it was a cash cow for them and they didn’t realize what they had on their hands.  I guess it had met their short term goals but.  Instead they made it more and more spammy with more pointless popups and more busy work. They should have cashed in on people enjoying the player versus player aspect of the whole thing.  They should have also tried to control the ramped cheating.

Another thing I found interesting in it is just how seriously some people took it.  It was just a click game.  It’s just sad how many people called the money they put into it an “investment” though.  Many smart people who should have known better.

Dec 262012

Several days ago I saw someone say about a school no longer teaching cursive.  I personally think this is great!  That style of writing is nearly impossible for me to read.  I would guess it is because the letters all blend together and are not very distinct.

I loathed being forced to write in it for certain clases when I was in school as I could not proof read it since I couldn’t read it.  I also couldn’t stand when certain work was given to us in the teacher’s hand writing.

Then again I am very thankful that I had a large print typewriter available to me and learned to type at an early age.  Who would have guessed I’d be typing everday just for fun.